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Fundraising video for 2016 state election

火箭座谈会。DAP Ceramah

张健仁炮轰人联党 不公不洁不合法进行竞选宣传

输掉赌注前途未来 阿仁提醒选民大选别赌!

DAP Ceramah

DAP Ceramah 。火箭座谈会

DAP S’wak blames GST for their inability to give BN good fight in poster war

DAP Ceramah。火箭座谈会

石角河滨公园计划早已获批? 阿仁指阿贤“同个承诺用两次”

Chong brands projects listed in SUPP Stampin manifesto misleading

DAP Ceramah。火箭座谈会

DAP Ceramah 。火箭劳动节政治讲座


Chong takes aim at Dr Sim for ‘choosing BN over the people’