KOTA KINABALU: There is no way the opposition Pakatan Harapan component parties in Sabah and Sarawak will work with former ally PAS in the forthcoming general elections.
As far as the national-based opposition parties in the Borneo states are concerned, PAS is part of Umno, having severed ties with DAP and PKR who were their coalition partners in the last two elections.
Even at national-level, Pakatan Harapan has announced that they would not be dealing with PAS and is making preparations to face three-cornered fights in GE14.
   Christina Liew, the Sabah PKR chairman said there would be no changes to the decision made on March 30, 2015 to severe ties with the Islamic-based party.
“Sabah Pakatan Harapan, particularly Sabah PKR, has cut all ties with Sabah PAS two years ago when Datuk Seri Lajim Ukin was the state PKR chairman.
“It is not a new decision,” said Liew who is Api Api Assemblywoman when contacted on Tuesday.
“The decision to go separate ways was made along with Sabah DAP and our position remains unchanged.”
Liew that they would also abide with the decision made by the presidential council on Monday night, which confirmed it would not work with PAS.
The statement was also published on its official Facebook page, and stated that Pakatan Harapan is devising strategies to face possible three-cornered fights.
Last month, Sabah PAS commissioner Mohd Aminuddin Aling had said the party’s door remains open to pacts with state political parties in the upcoming election.
 In Kuching, Chong Chieng Jen, the Sarawak Pakatan Harapan chief said it was impossible to work with PAS in the upcoming general election , claiming that their one-time allies was now working with UMNO.
“For us, PAS is history,” he said, adding there’s no way we can work together again.
Chong, who is also the state DAP chairman, said this at a press conference held at the party’s headquarters in Kuching that PAS seems more happy to be working with UMNO.
The Kuching Member of Parliament also said that a PH manifesto, specifically designed for Sarawak, was being fine-tuned.
Among the three key issues finalised so far are devolution of powers, setting up of English medium schools and 100 per cent treated water supply for rural and suburban community.
“To date, there are 39 per cent of the community in Sarawak or 114,000 household not connected with treated water supply,” he said.
“Besides, we want to set up English schools as an option for the parents. Currently, only the rich families can afford to go to the English (medium) school, which is the private schools,” he added.
Also present at the meeting were Saifuddin Abdullah, the Pakatan Harapan chief secretary, Baru Bian, State PKR chief and Fidzuan Zaidi, state Amanah chairman.
BorneoToday  August 29,2017