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Chong regrets Foo’s defence of Maybank

KUCHING: Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen regrets that SUPP Central Youth publicity secretary Milton Foo has defended corporations rather than the interests of the community. Chong, also Kota Sentosa assemblyman and state DAP chairman, wondered why Foo had recently hit out at him for appealing to Maybank to reconsider its decision to close down the MJC branch. “Even though a bank is a profit-making institution, it also has social obligation, not to mention that Maybank is the largest banking institution in Malaysia. “The MJC branch is the only Maybank outlet serving people in the area. No doubt that e-banking is convenient but it may not be such a case for some especially senior citizens,” he told reporters here yesterday. Chong said he had recently written to Maybank headquarters, requesting the bank to continue operating its MJC branch. He added that a copy of the same letter had also been delivered to Bank Negara Malaysia. “Never mind that Milton Foo did not defend the people, it is h…

MJC Mutiara residents complain of cracked, sinking walls

KUCHING: Residents of No1 to No 26 houses at MJC Mutiara here are frustrated with the developer’s indifference to solve engineering issues affecting their houses. Many of them have complained individually about the cracks on concrete walls and sinking walls in the past couple of years, but the developer has so far taken no serious action to resolve the matter. Simon Ritom, owner of house No 25, moved into his ‘dream home’ in 2008. Little did he know that his beautiful dream has now turned into a nightmare when the walls of his house began to show cracks from 2011. He brought the problem to the developer, only to be told ‘Sorry, your warranty has lapsed’ although the developer did eventually patch up some cracks following his numerous complaints. “If it is a leaking roof or minor cracks, I can repair them  myself. But we are talking about the main pillars of my house, which isn’t just (any) minor defect. After complaining for three years, I gave up. And now, I cannot even close my gate,” …

从“梦想房屋”变“破裂房屋” 26住宅围墙倾斜陷龟裂

曾向发展商反映 他指出,屋主们过去曾个别向房屋发展商反映,但不得要领,因此今年7月份向他求助。经他向发展商联络,双方展开会议,发展商答应2周内派工程师考察,并于2个月内作出改善。 但根据居民所见,发展商的年轻工程师只是到当地走马看花,而且直到目前还是没有采取行动。有鉴于此,他们希望透过媒体的报导,让发展商重视此问题。与此同时,张健仁表示,他将就此事致函有关发展商以及砂拉越房屋部。 影响车房天花板 其中一名屋主王小龙向媒体指出,他在购买房子时曾发现屋内墙壁有龟裂现象,但发展方告诉他,那只是油漆问题。但没想到,问题一年比一年严重,当年的“梦想房屋”如今成了“破裂房屋”。 另一名屋主西门也表示,其屋子情况最为严重,因地面下陷,所以屋前篱笆如今无法关上,而且柱子也出现裂痕,甚至车房天花板也受影响。他称:“这间屋子是我毕生的投资,我已经没有能力再购买其他房屋。” 转载自 诗华日报

张健仁抨符祥威 为何捍卫马银行?

同时是行动党哥打圣淘沙区州议员的张健仁表示,人联党青年团宣教秘书符祥威在马来亚银行关闭石角分行课题上抨击该党,令他感到遗憾。 他称:“人联党依然在为大公司发言,而非老百姓利益为出发点。我感到不解,为什么他要去捍卫银行的决定?” 不顾百姓利益 他表示,虽然银行是商业机构,但除了利益,他们对社区有其责任和义务,包括给民众带来发展和便利,特别是作为国内最大银行的马来亚银行。该银行石角新市镇分行是2公里内的唯一分行,虽说采用电子化可以省时,但对许多民众,特别是年长者而言并不方便,甚至他本身也很少以电子化处理银行事务。 “我们提出问题,据理力争,我们有理由,为了人民利益。我非常遗憾,人联党符祥威却置平民百姓利益于不顾,贯彻人联党一贯作风。” 奉劝别搞破坏 “对于符祥威的立场,你不帮人民发言,这是你的选择,至少你不要搞破坏。我奉劝人联党,若是不敢仗义执言,不敢站在人民立场发言,至少不要搞破坏。” 对于关闭石角新市镇分行是为了削减开销,否则会有人被解雇的说法,张健仁直言,这是胡言乱语,若是关闭分行,反而才会出现此情况。 转载自 诗华日报

Chong questions budget speech silence on corruption

It’s not about how much is given in the Budget, it’s about how it’s being used, says Sarawak DAP chairman.

PETALING JAYA: Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen has questioned why leakages of budget allocations had not been addressed when the Prime Minister, Najib Razak, tabled the 2017 Budget yesterday.
He said there was no point in talking about billions in allocations when as much as 60 per cent might end up in the private pockets of corrupt officers and politicians. “Yet, Najib completely ignores these problems in his budget speech,” he said today. Recently anti-corruption officials alleged that as much as RM2 billion could have been siphoned off in leakages from a total of RM3.3 billion in federal allocations for the Sabah Water Department. Chong said the Sabah Water case had changed the focus from how much money was being allocated to how the allocation was being used. He also noted that the budget allocation for the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission had been cut by 14 per cent…

Budget unfair to Sabah, S’wak, say MPs

Bandar Kuching's Chong and Penampang's Leiking say Najib has failed to give what the two states deserve.

PETALING JAYA: An opposition MP from Sarawak and another from Sabah have alleged that their states were given short shrift in the Budget 2017 proposals.
The MP for Bandar Kuching, Chong Chieng Jen of DAP, said he regarded the reduction in allocations for Sarawak as “significant” and speculated that this was because Barisan Nasional believed it was already well entrenched in the state. “If you look at the budget, Sarawak was not mentioned as much as it was mentioned in previous budgets,” he said. Penampang MP Darell Leiking, a leader of the new Parti Warisan Sabah, said it was evident from the way Sabah was treated in the budget proposals that Prime Minister Najib Razak’s administration was refusing to recognise the state as equal in status with Peninsular Malaysia. “Sabah is not just any state; it’s a partner state,” he said. “And in the Federal Constitution, Sabah is promised…

The Worst Budget Ever

The 2017 Budget is the worst ever budget of the country and also the worst of all Budgets for Sarawak. For the sake of the country and also for Sarawak, the 25 Sarawak BN MPs must vote against the Budget.

There is no point for the Sarawak BN to complain about the neglect of Sarawak in the annual budgets and yet continue to support the Budgets in the Parliament. That is hypocrisy of the highest degree and also deceit against the people of Sarawak.

The 2016/17 Economic Report tabled in Parliament today together with the 2017 Budget reveals that the Government’s actual revenue collected in 2016 fall far short of its initial estimates.

In 2016 Budget initially tabled by Najib in October, 2015, the estimates revenue of the Government was RM225.7 billion. This estimates revenue was reviewed downward to RM212.6 billion. This is a downward revision of RM13.1 billion, a 5.8% drop from its initial estimates.

Despite this downward economic trend, the Government is still making an estimate of 3.4% in…

2017年财政预算案 史上最糟财政预算案












Sorry or No Sorry?

The SUPP President refused to apologise for SUPP's MP supporting the constitutional amendment in 1976 that downgraded Sarawak to one of the 13 States instead of one of the regions in Malaysia. On the other hand, its Secretary-General apologises for it.

Who represents the party's official stand of SUPP? Is this another of SUPP's trick to fool Sarawakians? It also goes to show that it is the so-called local parties that have sold out Sarawak's right all these years and they are still doing it by supporting all the UMNO's policies.

首长指示国阵议员反对 火箭5议员义务监督


林财耀指出,砂行动党此举主要是确保砂国阵不是讲一套,做又是另外一套。因为经历国安会法一案,砂行动党已经见证砂国阵国会议员如何在紧要关头出卖砂人主权和权益支持国安会法的通过。 国安会法是在没有列明砂政府法定代表的情况下通过,又赐予联邦政府首相极大的权力,可以不用砂州政府同意下,因为紧急因素,联邦政府可以接管砂州。这是严重侵犯砂主权的法令。 在这次哈迪私人法案动议,将会开启马来西亚实行伊斯兰刑事法的一道门,对马来西亚为世俗国的地位造成严重威胁,也违反联邦宪法。它也将会为砂州伊斯兰刑事法的实行埋下伏笔,情况非常令人担忧。 砂州首长阿迪南已经表示砂国阵政府是持反对的立场,但是6月的时候首相署部长也是砂州国阵国会议员南希表白她本身将会缺席对哈迪动议的投票。这表示这次对哈迪动议的议决投票有可能有更多的砂国阵议员将会缺席投票。而这已经是违反首长阿迪南的指示,即投反对票来阻止该动议的通过。 首长阿迪南的指示已经很明显,就是砂州国会议员必须投反对票来表现砂州国阵对哈迪动议持反对的立场。谁没有投反对票或弃权,将被视为出卖砂州人民的权益。这是不被砂人民允许的。 砂行动党将做人民的眼睛,在这次国会开会监督25位砂国阵议员出席,辩论和投反对票来阻止哈迪法案动议被通过。确保砂人民的主权和权益不会再次被出卖。  《转载自 诗华日报》

张健仁:联邦何时归还砂20%石油税? 国阵政府拒答


张健仁于今期的国会下议院会议,提呈一个口头提问,询问有关砂州政府要求归还20% 石油天然气开采税予砂州的谈判,目前进展如何,而联邦政府将于几时才会归还20%的石油天然气开采税予砂州。

张氏透露,国会下议院议长于今期开会的第一天,就以书函驳回张氏的问题,不允许张氏提出有关问题。 议长给予的理由是,目前正有涉及石油开采税的案件,正在法庭审讯,张氏的问题有可能会影响法庭的裁决(sub-judice),因此不被允许在国会提问。

张氏指出,目前唯一涉及石油开采税在法庭审讯的案件就只是吉兰丹州政府起诉国油和联邦政府的案件。 不管大家用什么角度去看它,部长在国会下议院回答有关砂州和联邦政府20%石油开采税谈判的问题,部长的回答怎样都不会影响该案件的判决。

“议长所给的理由根本就是荒谬和不能成立的理由。 砂州政府和联邦政府针对20%石油开采税的谈判,和吉兰丹州政府起诉国油和联邦政府的案件,两者没有相干,针对前者的问题所作出的答案,不会也不能影响法庭法官针对后者的判决。”

张氏也透露,其实,吉兰丹州政府是于2010年入禀法庭起诉国油,之后联邦政府也介入该案件。 目前该案件还未结束。 而,在砂州议会一致议决追讨20%石油天然气开采税之后,起初部长还有在国会下议院针对该砂州议会的这项议决和20%开采税的问题给予回答。



张氏深表遗憾,阿德南在砂州时,讲话讲得很大声,表现的非常英勇,但是,一到了西马布城,他和他之前的几任首长一样,立刻就变成对巫统温顺无比,千依百顺。 也因为这样,他也无法针对砂州一种要求归还20%石油天然气开采税的诉求,交出任何成绩。

“砂州议会通过追讨20%开采税的动议轰动一时,阿德南也借此制造了2年的假希望哄骗了砂州人民。 2年过后,增加1%的开采税都没有,更甭说增加15%至20%。 阿德…

'What court case' asks Sarawak MP over rejected oil royalty question

DAP Bandar Kuching parliamentarian Chong Chieng Jen said it was ridiculous for the Dewan Rakyat speaker to turn down his question on Sarawak's demand for 20 percent oil and gas royalties.

Chong said that the reason given - that the question may prejudice an ongoing court case - was too far fetched.

"The only ongoing court case about oil royalty is the case between Kelantan against Petronas and the federal government.

"Whatever that case may be, there is no way an answer to the status of negotiation between Sarawak and federal government on oil and gas royalty will affect or prejudice the outcome of that case.

"The reason given by the Speaker in rejecting my question is most absurd and baseless," said Chong in a statement.

He said he had earlier submitted a question requesting an update on the status of the negotiation between the federal government and Sarawak, on the latter’s demand for 20 percent oil and gas royalties.

However, he said that yesterday, he received …


针对伊党主席哈迪阿旺,即将在本周的国会提呈伊刑法私人法案一事,人联主席沈桂贤于10月一日表示,已如巫统部长拿督东姑安南所说的 “已达成公识”,但却不敢公布共识的内容,只含糊说,“立场一如即往,将带入党常务会议中探讨”。吊诡的是,至今也没公布党常务会议探讨的定案,对这项人民至关重要的课题,人联为何扭扭捏捏,不敢明言表态,民主行动党实旦宾支部宣传秘书沈瑶瑟表示费解。
沈瑶瑟说,跟据新闻档案记载,人联对伊刑法等回教课题的立场,都是,在人民面前反对,在内阁,在国会,在国阵成员党制定政策过程中,俯顺巫统的策略和立场。假如还是 “一如即往的立场”那是很可悲的。 不过,最近砂人本土政党声浪高唱,尽管民意反对伊刑法的立场,坚决一致,人联还是要就等土保党开绿灯,人联党所做所为至今仍然只是在扮演随从的角色,所以说今日的人联与过去的人联没有什么不一样。
实际上过去53年来,在人联有份的州政府同意下,西马人早已长驱直入在管理砂州,何须等行动党引进? 砂拉越公共服务领域,部门首长,关联公司(如国油公司)高级职员,多由西马人担任。阿德南首长, 过去两年一直在争取行政权下放,大多数还处于差商阶段,事实证明西马人还在控制和管理砂州,不轻易放手,身为一党中央宣教,对巫统主导的国阵,侵犯砂州行政主权的事竟如此无知,说出这样傻话,自爆肤浅丑态。
在今年州选前,一马丑闻促使西马巫统分裂,首相纳吉要依靠砂拉越议席保政权,又见砂民争取自主权高潮迭起,不得不对砂首长阿德南示好,下放一部分行政权,提高阿德南声望,助阿德南州选大胜。赢得阿德南报以天长地久的支持。于是才有今时今日大胆放行哈迪阿旺提呈私人的修改伊刑罚法法案。使哈迪阿旺要改变马来西亚世俗国,建立回教国的进程,跨前一大步, 砂首长阿德南是否让首相纳吉如愿以尝, 或下令砂拉越国会议员反对伊州州法,且看来届国会来分解。

Chong to plead to Maybank HQ not to close MJC branch

KUCHING: DAP Sarawak chairman Chong Chieng Jen will write to Maybank headquarters to urge them to defer their decision to relocate their branch at MJC commercial centre this Nov 7. In a press statement, Chong said the branch was the only Maybank branch for the Batu Kawa area, and its relocation would cause great inconvenience to businesses and residents. “The existence of a bank office in any area is a sign of development, and it is crucial for economic development. Maybank’s branch is not only to provide service but also to attract businesses and help stimulate economic activities in the area,” said Chong, who is also Bandar Kuching MP and Kota Sentosa assemblyman. He said the biggest irony was that Batu Kawa assemblyman Datuk Dr Sim Kui Hian had repeatedly claimed he would bring development to Batu Kawa, yet less than half a year after his election, Maybank is closing its operation in Batu Kawa. “SUPP is incapable of defending and fighting for the economic rights and benefits of the peo…

马来亚银行分行关闭 张健仁:致函要求重新检讨

张健仁表示,马来亚银行MJC分行的关闭,将对MJC商业中心和整个石角地区上的人民和商家造成极大的不便。 因,从MJC延石角路直上,就只有MJC这间马来亚银行分行。 它的关闭,对这地区的人民,将带来极大的不便。

张氏指出,银行是一个地区发展的象征,也是一个地区经济发展的一个重要环节。 马来亚银行是马来西亚第一大银行。 它的分行不只是提供服务给附近的商家和居民,也有助于吸引更多的商家到附近营业,因而协助刺激当地的经济活动。

“让人感到极为讽刺的是,人联党主席沈桂贤口口声声说他的中选,将带动石角区的经济发展。 如今,沈桂贤在石角区中选还不到半年,整个石角选区仅有的马来西亚第一大银行的分行,也关掉了。”



1. 马来西亚的经济将开始进入严寒时期。 银行是经济动脉的主轴,也是整体经济的缩影。 当银行开始缩小其营业时,这就表示整体经济也在萎缩了。

2. 国阵政府不但没有对国家制造有利于人民经济的条件,其1MDB的丑闻、失控的黑金流出马来西亚(全世界排行第3)、GST实施对整个消费市场的打击、沙巴令人咂舌的贪污案、纳吉个人的许多负面形象等,加剧我国经济的败坏。砂国阵继续支持巫统,只会对马来西亚,包括砂州人民带来更糟的经济情况。

3. 今天马来西亚经济的萎缩,是国阵政策的长期贪污滥权所造成的。 原本应该给予人民发展的钱,却进入贪官的私人口袋。 区区一、两个沙巴水务局的官员,就可以坐拥5000万令吉的现钞在家里,更何况其他更大的政府部门或部长级人马。 今天人民的经济困境,就是因为这些贪污滥权的国阵政策所造成的,而砂国阵和人联党就是这些贪污滥权的帮凶。

4. 人联党所谓的本土政党,根本无法捍卫本土人民的经济权益。 人联党的主席沈桂贤,身为一位上议院、州部长、石角区州议员,连石角区仅有的马来亚银行的分行也保不住,又如何为砂州人民争取更大的权益。 这证明,人联党在全国经济的决策中,根本无能左右决策者的意愿,是个可有可无,无关痛痒的小角色。

张健仁:工程落后36% 医院建费超额230%


民主行动党古晋市国会议员兼哥打圣淘沙州议员指出,法迪拉于今年二月还向外界公布该工程“进展顺利”(progressing smoothly)。 一个“进展顺利”的工程,为何会在短短的8个月后,工程进度竟然落后36%?

“到底是法迪拉对其部门所管制的工程根本不知情,还是当时他是在为有关承包商掩饰问题? 无论如何,若工程部提早处理这承包商的问题,今天至少该工程不会落后36%如此严重。”

柏特拉再也医院的工程,原本预计将于今年11月竣工。 由于工程进度落后36%,工程部重新预计它将于明年6月竣工。



他透露,根据首相署部门于2010年所设定的指标,政府医院的建筑费包括医务器材的采购,理应介于每张病床50万令吉的平均成本。 这间柏特拉再也医院的设计,拥有300张病床。 按照这指标数额,其建筑费和采购器材的总开支,应该是大约1亿5000万令吉。

“但是,工程部将这项工程以4亿9500万令吉的价格批给Zecon 集团。 这是超出首相署部门所设定的指标的230%,或超出指标成本数额3亿4500万令吉。”

“换言之,以建这间柏特拉再也医院的数额,若工程部真的有按照首相署部门所设定的指标成本数额进行建医院的工程,同样的数额(4亿9500万令吉)可以建3个柏特拉再也医院。 但如今我们只有一间医院,而且工程还落后36%。”


有鉴于此,张氏也呼吁,法迪拉不只必须给砂州人民一个交代有关该工程落后36%的事故,而马来西亚反贪委员会也应介入调查整个工程的批工程和器材采购程序。 尤其是,在震惊全国的沙巴水务局的贪污事件发生后,人民也已开始醒觉,国阵政府工程的贪污程度,已到达了一个前所未有的严重程度。

Minister should be held accountable for delay in the Petra Jaya Hospital project

Works Minister Fadillah Yusof should be held accountable for the gross delay in the Petra Jaya Hospital project.

As late as February, 2016, Fadillah has publicly announced that the said Petrajaya Hospital project was “progressing smoothly”.

How can a project which was “progressing smoothly” in February, 2016 becomes 36 percent behind schedule eight months later in October the same year?

Therefore, the only plausible conclusion one can have about Fadillah’s “ progressing smoothly” statement is either he did not know the work under his ministry or he was allegedly trying to cover up for the contractor at the time when he made the statement.

In either case, as the public works minister, he should be held accountable for not addressing the problem earlier, thus allowing the delay of 36 percent behind schedule.

In fact, the said project was supposed to be due for completion in November, 2016, but due to the 36 percent behind schedule factor, its completion date is now tentatively delayed till J…