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Ceramah DAP

古晋行动党第一场《政治演说》将在明晚七点于Premier 101公开演说!
Our first night of Ceramah is on 25.4.2016 @ 7:00 pm at Premier 101, Kuching.
Please join us tomorrow night!

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Saturday, April 9, 2016

砂民主行动党 2016 州选捐款视频

砂民主行动党 2016 州选将出战30个选区,而这一半以上都是乡区,

Standard Chartered Bank


Fundraising video for 2016 state election

DAP Sarawak are seeking for one million donation to contest in rural area in the upcoming state election.

 Donate Now: 
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砂民主行动党 2016 州选将出战30个选区,而这一半以上都是乡区,

Standard Chartered Bank


Adenan slammed after Sarawak bars DAP MP, mascot designer

Chong Chieng Jen asking reporters to listen to a speech by Ooi on his handphone at a press conference today. Seen at left is Pending state lawmaker Violet Yong April 9, 2016. — Picture by Sulok Tawie 
KUCHING, April 9 — The DAP accused Sarawak Chief Minister Tan Sri Adenan Satem today of abusing the state’s immigration powers after two members from the opposition party were barred from entering Sarawak ahead of state elections.
Kulai MP Teo Nie Ching was prohibited from entering the state when she arrived at the Bintulu airport last night, while Selangor DAP member Ooi Leng Han, who is the chief designer of the DAP’s hornbill mascot “Ubah,” was denied entry upon arrival at the Kuching International Airport this morning.
“The DAP supports the immigration autonomy of Sarawak, but we don't support its abuse by the chief minister to stop opposition leaders from peninsular Malaysia from going to the state,” Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen told reporters here.
Chong, who is also Kota Sentosa state assemblyman, said the purported immigration blacklist of his party’s central leadership would affect their election campaign.
“I don't want to pre-empt that the DAP supremo Lim Kit Siang and secretary general Lim Guan Eng would also be banned from Sarawak,” he said.
The 82-seat Sarawak state assembly will be dissolved on Monday to pave way for elections.
Parti Amanah Negara president Mohamad Sabu was stopped from entering Sarawak when the opposition politician arrived at the Sibu airport last month.
Other opposition politicians barred have included DAP MPs Tony Pua and Teresa Kok, PKR’s Nurul Izzah Anwar, Zuraida Kamaruddin, Rafizi Ramli and Chua Tian Chang. Prominent public personalities recently barred include lawyer and activist Datuk Ambiga Sreenevasan.
- themalaymailonline April 9,2016

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

张健仁斥阿德南虚伪 玩弄区域主义政治


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MP: Adenan encouraging unhealthy sentiments with 'regionalism politics'

Sarawak DAP chairman and Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen said that Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem is using regionalism politics to win support.

He said the public may feel that Adenan is good but he is encouraging a form of racism and extremism with the practice of regionalism politics.

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Impian Sabah & Sarawak: A Malaysian Dream – The Book!

Impian Sabah & Sarawak: A Malaysian Dream is a commemorative book that celebrates the milestones achieved since 2013. We have completed scores of projects, involved hundreds of volunteers, assisted thousands of marginalized rural villagers and have been generously supported by tens of thousands of ordinary Malaysians.

Despite not being part of the state or federal governments, we have shown the East Malaysians that much can be achieved even with very limited budgets.
Impian Sabah and Sarawak have become the game-changer for these rural folks. There is now real competition to win the hearts and minds of these voters who were previously taken for granted.
We firmly believe that continued Impian Sabah and Sarawak programmes are crucial in bringing about the twin change of upgraded quality of life and longer term political change. Sarawak needs to elect a government that not only cares for the man on the street, but also one that will fight tooth and nail against corruption.
The book records not only the projects but the story behind each one of them; accounts of lives touched and perspectives of volunteers who participated in the many projects, all captured in the many photographs featured in this book.

All profits from the sale of this beautiful hardcover, full-colour 180-page book will go towards future Impian Sabah & Sarawak projects, benefitting the rural marginalised poor in East Malaysia. Get your copy today!

Impian Sabah & Sarawak: A Malaysian Dream – The Book!

Can we trust Najib's word on GST, asks DAP

Opposition lawmaker Chong Chieng Jen today questioned Prime Minister Najib Razak's claim that there would not be future tax hikes, even in the event of a sweeping BN victory in the coming Sarawak state election.
Chong, who is Sarawak DAP chairman, said unless more concrete affirmations are made in Parliament, Najib's promise that the goods and services tax (GST) would not be increased from its current six percent would not suffice.
"Can we trust Najib’s word? Before the 2013 election, he promised to abolish the Sedition Act, as the law is considered undemocratic and oppressive," he told reporters in Kuching today.
"Yet after 2013, you still see all the opposition leaders being queued up to be sued and charged under the Sedition Act. So can we trust him (Najib)?”
Chong, who is Bandar Kuching MP, said Najib had evaded earlier calls to make a declarative statement in Parliament, pledging not to increase the GST in the foreseeable future.
“He has yet to state clearly that he does not intend to increase the GST after the state election. It has to be stated clearly for a (defined) period. Five years? Ten years? Fifteen years? Twenty years?”
"We don't want him to raise taxes two, three or six months after the election after promising not to. The six percent is already a great burden on the people. Many people are suffering because of this tax,” Chong said.
In a visit to Kuching last Saturday, Najib had described any talk of future tax increases as opposition lies.
"We will maintain it at its current level," Najib was quoted by Bernama as saying.
Opposition leaders have criticised the tax hike for simultaneously pushing up the prices of goods and services, and dampening demand.
They have also charged that due to rampant corruption and massive capital flight, a further tax hike of up to 10 percent may be inevitable to cover the shortfall in energy revenues, should the oil market remain glutted.
The tax regime, implemented last April, met its one-year target of RM27 billion in March, and is expected to net a total of RM39 billion this year.
The Malaysian Institute of Economic Research (MIER) reported that the new tax was deeply unpopular among consumers and private firms, with its consumer sentiment gauge dropping to 63.8 in January, the lowest on record.
Overall demand growth weakened to 5.1 percent from 5.9 percent a year ago, while the national headline inflation rate, as measured by the Consumer Price Index (CPI), rose to 4.2 percent in February, the highest in seven years.

Sunday, April 3, 2016



针对昨日首相的声明说政府不会在砂州选举国阵胜出之后调高消费税,张健仁回应,就算国阵政府要调高消费税,也不可能立刻在选举之后做到的,因为它必须经过国会通过,需一段时间。 但是,纳吉却没有告诉人民,明年、后年或什么期限内不会调高消费税税率。

“他可能一年后,或两年后,就调高消费税税率。 纳吉没有设定不调高消费税税率的时限。 重点在于,如今实施消费税之后,如果人民还是大力支持国阵,就表示人民支持消费税,而国阵政府则可肆意的调高消费税税率。”

“如果纳吉真的有诚意不调高消费税税率,他应该到国会下议院,亲口给予保证,在5年内或10年内不调高消费税税率。 他今天在报章上的公布,没有给予时限,根本就是给自己留后路。 州选过后,他可以狡辩说他只是指砂州州选之后一个月或两个月不调高消费税税率。 而且,最后纳吉还可用‘报章错误报道’一招转口不认。”

张氏指出,下星期就是砂州选举前,国会下议院开会的最后一个星期。 因此,张氏挑战纳吉到国会给予国会和全国人民这个保证,让国会记录在案,并清楚的道出,在什么时限内不调高消费税税率。


张氏说,归根究底,政府的主要经济来源,除了天然资源就是税收了。如今石油价格已跌了一段日子了。 如果纳吉真的有其他经济来源的计划,也应该有个草案了。 他应该告诉人民他所谓的‘另寻经济来源’,是指什么。 如果不是调高消费税税率,那又是要实施什么税?

砂州选举3大意义; 吁砂州人民以选票告诉国阵和阿德南

1. 砂州人民要不要阿德南继续支持纳吉和巫统所领导的国阵,把马来西亚带上灭亡之路?
2. 砂州人民要不要一个更强大的反对党在砂州议会制衡和监督,还是要再回到泰益时代国阵一党独大的政治局面。
3. 砂州人民要不要延续全国改朝换代的希望,成为来届国选“倒巫统,换政府”的第二轮推动力。
张氏说,今次砂州选举的第一个意义的考量,最显著的就是因为阿德南公开支持纳吉当首相,甚至“直到世界末日”。 纳吉的26亿门和一马发展公司丑闻名满天下。 这丑闻的延烧,甚至深深影响国家法定机构如,国家银行、律政司部门、总稽查司部门、反贪污委员会、国会公共帐目委员会、警察等的公信力。
他也说,在西马,甚至巫统内部,纳吉首相之位也岌岌可危。 纳吉今天仍可稳坐首相位,而巫统仍可嚣张的执政,全是因为砂州国阵的鼎力支持。 以砂州国阵目前的25位国会议员,如果砂国阵不支持纳吉,全国国阵只有109位国会议员(包括慕尤丁和沙菲宜),是少过222国会议席的半数,纳吉就立刻要下台,巫统也无法继续执政。
“许多砂州人民都不要巫统和纳吉继续执政联邦政府,偏偏阿德南又一而再再而三的表示全力支持纳吉。 因此,砂州人民可在来届州选以选票告诉阿德南必须和纳吉及巫统划清界线。”
他也指出,行动党在砂州的逐渐壮大,也促使州政府修改土地法令,之前许多不获更新的地契,都可获得更新,而且,更新费也大幅度下降。 同时,联邦政府也开始重视砂州人民的诉求。
“虽然阿德南上台后开始实施了一些民粹政策,让人感觉一新以期可回一些选票。 但阿德南却没有针对砂州经济做出任何制度上的改革,朋党垄断经济就业机会和贫富鸿沟仍旧是砂州经济最大的问题。”
“大家听完阿德南的美话,爽过之后,人民每天的生活还是越来越辛苦。 人民要过更好的日子,砂州就需在制度上做出改变,而非只是实施一些民粹政策的小恩小惠。”
张健仁表示,过去308和505的政治海啸,分别是由砂州2006年和2011年行动党在州选的突破所带动的。 308(2008年)的选举,反对党第一次得以击破国阵在国会的2/3议席;505(2013年)的选举,反对党的得票率第一次超越国阵,赢得52%的选票。
“如果行动党在今次州选可再突破,那将带动全国人民的士气,在来届国选打倒国阵。 但,如果州选行动党胜出的选区比2011年少,这将大大打击整个改朝换代的趋势。”
也是行动党全国副主席的张健仁表示,马来西亚改朝换代的梦已一步一步的即将实现,如今只需最后的冲刺,在2018年的国选,反对党只要再拿多3 - 5%的选票,不管选区划分如何的不公平,国阵的联邦政府还是要倒台。
张健仁表示,今次砂州选举并非决定换政府。 因为不公平的选区划分、无尽的金钱和庞大政府机构的人力,砂州国阵在今次的州选已经是“未选先胜”了。
1. 砂州人民不要阿德南继续支持纳吉和巫统所领导的国阵,把马来西亚带上灭亡之路。
2. 砂州人民要一个更强大的反对党在砂州议会制衡和监督;
3. 砂州人民要延续‘改朝换代’的愿望,成为来届国选“倒巫统,换政府”的火车头。

PM told to state no GST raise in Parliament

A Sarawak opposition MP has challenged Prime Minister Najib Razak to state in Parliament that the govenrment will not increase the Goods and Services Tax (GST) rate after the upcoming state election.
Najib, said Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen, must also inform Parliament of the specific time frame for the GST rate and not use the issue as an election ploy.
"Najib yesterday claimed that the government will not increase the GST rates after the Sarawak elections.

"Such statement amount to nothing, as Najib did not make clear how long the 6 percent GST rate will stay - one year, two years, or five years," said Chong in a statement today.
Chong fears the PM will use a win at the Sarawak election as justification to increase the highly criticised GST.
"The important thing is that, with the implementation of GST, if Sarawakians continue to give the BN government its strong support, it will be taken as an endorsement to the GST, giving the BN government a free hand and the boldness to increase the GST to whatever rate it wants.
"If Najib is sincere about not increasing the GST rate, then he should do it in Parliament next week, which will be the last Parliamentary sitting before the Sarawak polls.
"In his announcement, Najib must also make clear the time within which the GST rate will not be increased, (whether) 5 years, 10 years or more," said Chong, who is Sarawak DAP chief and Sentosa assemblyperson.
His call comes amidst an anti-GST rally in Kuala Lumpur today that saw roughly 1,500 march downtown to Dataran Merdeka to protest the consumption tax that many say have contributed to rising cost of living amidst stagnant wages.
More taxes?
Chong also asked the PM to name the alternative source of revenue that Najib had said would compensate the fall in oil prices.
"My question to Najib is: what is his alternative source of revenue?
The two main sources of revenue of the government are natural resources or taxes," said Chong.
He said with our depleting natural resources, the other option would appear to be tax revenue.
"If it is not an increase in GST rates, what other tax does Najib have in his mind?" he asked.
-- malaysiakini 2 april ,2016

DAP: BN Sarawak menang, GST dinaikkan 10 peratus

Kerajaan dijangka menaikkan Cukan Barang dan Perkhidmatan, GST kepada 10 peratus jika Barisan National, BN kekal memerintah dalam pilihan raya negeri, PRN akan datang.

Pengerusi DAP negeri, Chong Chieng Jen bercakap pada sidang media menggesa rakyat Sarawak dan juga seluruh negara menolak GST.

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