Stop Meddling in politics by helping the BN oppress the opposittion

I call upon the Sarawak BN to accept the verdict of the voters in Pujut graciously and stop harassing the DAP Pujut elected ADUN, Dr. Ting Tiong Choon. I also call upon the Police (PDRM) to stop meddling in politics and helping the BN to oppress the Opposition.
Shortly after the State Elections, the BN Pujut candidate, Hii King Chiong filed an Election Petition challenging the election of Dr Ting as the rightful Assemblymen for Pujut.
Although the ground of the Election Petition is on the allegation that Dr Ting holds dual citizenship, there is no such evidence adduced in support of Hii’s Petition.
Then came the Police’s raid on Dr. Ting’s office and clinic on 14-9-2016, attempting to find some evidence to support Hii’s Petition.
This is similar to the previous Election Petition filed by the late Kho Whai Phiaw against my election of the Bandar Kuching Member of Parliament in 2008. It was subsequently disclosed that the Election Petition was sponsored by BN.
During that time, the police also conducted a raid of my office and even seized my laptop. Thereafter, I filed an application in court to challenge the seizure and the High Court in Kuching declared that the Police’s seizure of my laptop is unlawful.
Hii King Chiong had all the advantage against Dr. Ting in the May Sarawak State Elections. He had unlimited resources at his disposal, he was in Miri much longer than Dr. Ting, he had the so-called “Adenan Fever” on his side and he had the DAP traitor Fong Pau Teck helping to split DAP’s vote. Yet he lost the election.
With all these advantages and yet he lost the election. Hii should accept the Pujut voters’ decision. His filing of the Election Petition only shows that he is a bad loser who can’t take defeat. If that is the case, then he should not get involved in politics.
As for the Police, there are hundreds of theft, robbery, murder and criminal cases that remains unresolved and the criminals are at large. Take for example, the primary murder suspect of the late Bill Kayong is still at large, yet the Police is not doing enough to bring the culprit to book.
It is the Police’s duty to maintain law and order. The Police has no business in politics and should not waste its manpower helping the BN politician to fight the Opposition.
The Police must always bear in mind, that it is the taxes from the People (including the Opposition) that pays the Police’s salaries, not Hii King Chiong or the BN politicians who pays their salaries. Therefore, the Police should not be reduced to the tools of BN to oppress the Opposition.
As such, I strongly condemn the police raids of Dr. Ting’s clinic and office and called upon the Police to be politically neutral.
Chong Chieng Jen
MP for Bandar Kuching / ADUN for Kota Sentosa
DAP Sarawak Chairman