Former owners question change of use for land

Chong (fourth left) points out the location of Lot 473 Block 6 Matang Land District on a map at the press conference.
KUCHING: The former co-proprietors of Lot 473 Block 6 Matang Land District are questioning why the land, which was acquired by the state government via Section 48 of the Land Code in 2005, will not be used for a wastewater treatment plant as originally proposed.
The former co-proprietors apparently recently discovered that a massive land resumption exercise is being carried out at the Kampung Gita area covering approximately 148.24 acres for urban development, which includes the building of shophouses and commercial centres.
“This resumed land is just adjoining the said Lot 473. It seems that the said lot is no longer going to be used for the wastewater treatment plant project, which was the original purpose for which the land was resumed,” Democratic Action Party (DAP) state chairman Chong Chieng Jen told a press conference yesterday.
According to him, 11 years ago the landowners had agreed for the state government to acquire the land as the construction of a wastewater treatment plant would have been for the public good.
He said the former landowners had not objected to the resumption even though the compensation received was lower than market price.
“If the government or some ministers or high ranking government officers intend to alienate the said Lot 473 to a private individual for development, then it defeats the original purpose for which the said Lot 473 was resumed. It is most unfair on the part of the government to resume private land and later alienate it to friends of ministers for private development and private profits,” Chong claimed.
Meanwhile, one of the former co-proprietors said they were shocked to see the land has already been cleared.
“I am not living in Kuching so I was shocked that the land has already been cleared. Bear in mind that most of the former co-proprietors are elderly, who have put most of our life savings to purchase that land,” she added.
According to her, one acre of the land in 2005 was valued at RM81,801.
TheBorneoPost September 4,2016