‘Ensure legal provisions to regulate Uber in place’

Uber和德士抢食 大马法治制度“失控”

女屋主要求网络电视澄清 擅闯“鬼屋”拍灵异片

张健仁:虽属人联票仓 八点地民生受忽略

Chong: Improve facilities at BDC Resettlement Scheme

替过阵打压在野党 警察勿沦为政治爪牙

Stop Meddling in politics by helping the BN oppress the opposittion

张健仁:连部长都搞不清 “831是国庆或独立日?”

Former owners question change of use for land


831 has no significance to sarawak,let's just celebrate 722 & 916 in sarawak. Stop wasting millions of tax-payers' money every year

722&916够了 砂无需再庆祝831

MP DAP: Henti raikan 31 Ogos di Sarawak