DAP Urged Adenan to Use Immigration Power to Ensure Greater Sarawakian Participation in PETRONAS’ Management in Sarawak

As early as November, 2014 in Sarawak DUN, Adenan informed the DUN that Petronas has agreed for more Sarawak participation in terms of human resource, education and technical training. 

Yet, when it comes to employment by Petronas for its operations in Sarawak, Sarawakians are still not given the priority. 

One year and 8 months have passed since Adenan’s announcement in DUN, majority of the senior posts in Petronas’s operation in Sarawak are still filled by non-Sarawakians. In the statistics recently disclosed, only 39% of the management positions and 46% of the middle management positions are filled by Sarawakians in Petronas’s operation in Sarawak.

On the other hand, when it comes to Petronas’s restructuring exercise, Petronas is quick to retrench experienced Sarawakian workers without giving consideration for re-deployment of these workers to other jobs within the Petronas Group. 

It seems that despite the repeated calls of Adenan and the resolution passed in Sarawak DUN in May, 2014, the Federal BN Government is still adamant in keeping to itself, the major chunk of the benefits derived from the petroleum production in Sarawak.

We did not get the 20% Oil and Gas Royalties. The number of Sarawakian employed by the Petronas for its operations in Sarawak, especially at the managerial and middle managerial levels, still leaves much to be desire.

Given the depleting oil reserves, the clock is ticking against Sarawak in general. Adenan and the State BN Government should not wait till such time when there is no more oil reserves in Sarawak before they really assert the State’s rights.

For all those West Malaysian holding positions in Petronas’ operation in Sarawak, they require immigration and work permits to enter Sarawak. The power to issue work permits and immigration permits lie within the sole power of the State Government.

Since Petronas and the Federal Government is paying no heed to the Sarawak DUN’s resolution, the State Government should withhold these work and immigration permits to prohibit the Petronas’ management and middle management level employees from entering Sarawak.

When the State Government can be quick to ban the entry of Opposition politicians from entering Sarawak during the State Elections to protect the BN’s interest, there is no reason why such powers cannot be exercised to protect the interests of Sarawakians in general when it comes to job opportunities for locals. 

DAP call upon the State Government to insist on a target of at least 70% of the management and middle management level in Petronas’ operation in Sarawak to be Sarawakians. DAP further calls upon the State Government to revoke the work and entry permits of the present Petronas management and middle management West Malaysian employees until such time when the target is reached.

It is only by imposing such strong action that we can get Petronas to accede to our request for more opportunities to be given to Sarawak. Otherwise, all Adenan’s talks about protecting Sarawakians’ interests will come to naught, as shown in the 20% Oil and Gas Royalties demand. 

Chong Chieng Jen
DAP Sarawak Chairman
MP for Bandar Kuching / ADUN for Kota Sentosa