“Justice for Bill ” Justice for all NCR landowners

We DAP supports the movement of PEDAS in its fight to demand for “Justice for Bill Kayong”.

In the “Justice for Bill Kayong” gathering organised by PEDAS today at the Dataran Pahlawan, Kuching, the Member of Parliament for Stampin, YB Julian Tan and I attended together with a few DAP members.

The murder of the Bill Kayong is a blatant challenge to the authority and rules of law in this country.Though the gunman has been prosecuted in Court but the mastermind of the murder is still at large. In a system where “Cash is King”, many are doubtful whether the mastermind of Bill’s murder will ever be brought to book, given that the prime mastermind suspect is a very rich businessman with a “Datuk” title.

The gathering today at the Dataran Pahlawan is not only a demand for “Justice for Bill Kayong” but also a demand for “Justice for all”. We must not only remember Bill Kayong as a person who fought to defend NCR land but his spirit in the fearless fight against the Rich and Powerful to protect and defend the NCR of the native landowners.

The tragic death of Bill Kayong would not have happened if the State Government’s land policy is fair and just. Had there been no rampant alienation of NCR land to the BN cronies and the exploitation and deprivation of the native of their NCR land, Bill Kayong would not have died.

Therefore, while we moan the death of Bill Kayong, we also cry out to the Government to review and change its land policy which prioritise the BN cronies over the NCR landowners. 

If the State Government still persists in “Cheap-selling” land where there are NCR claims to it BN cronies, then sooner or later, more tragedies may happen. 

It is also most unfair on the part of the Government to alienate land to large plantation companies while ignoring the people living in the vicinity of these land.

Therefore, this campaign “Justice for Bill Kayong” has the implication beyond just the late Bill Kayong one person only but covers also a call for “Justice for all NCR landowners”.

Chong Chieng Jen
MP for Bandar Kuching /ADUN for Kota Sentosa
DAP Sarawak chairman