Cabinet reshuffle: Putrajaya let down Adenan, says S’wak DAP

Adenan Satem was talking about more devolution of powers to Sarawak but instead, the number of Sarawak Cabinet members has been reduced

PETALING JAYA: Putrajaya has disappointed Sarawak Chief Minister Adenan Satem despite his success in giving Barisan Nasional a huge win in the last state election.
State DAP Chairman Chong Chieng Jen said this when commenting on the Cabinet reshuffle which saw Sarawak ruling party, PBB, lose one full ministerial post.
“That is kind of obvious, isn’t it? Now that the Sarawak election is over, Douglas Uggah’s position was given to someone else who is not from the state,” he said.
Former Plantations and Commodities Minister Douglas Uggah Embas resigned from the federal minister’s post following his appointment as one of three Sarawak deputy chief ministers.
Deputy Rural and Regional Development Minister Alexander Nanta Linggi was expected to take his place to maintain the number of Cabinet ministers from Sarawak at five.
That, however, did not happen as the post went to Gerakan President Mah Siew Keong instead.
“I would like to pose a question to Adenan. What does he have to say on this?
“He was talking about more devolution of powers to Sarawak but before that can happen, there is already a reduction in the number of Sarawak full ministers at the federal level.”
Chong also said that Adenan now had a lot to explain to the voters who in the 11th state election last month, gave him a bigger mandate, resulting in DAP losing five of its Chinese-majority seats.
“The people of Sarawak gave him a bigger mandate and yet, he allowed himself to be screwed by the Federal Government.
“Either the Federal Government screwed him up, or he screwed it up. Either way, how did they lose a full ministerial post despite obtaining a bigger victory (in the May 7 state election)?”
- Freemalaysiatoday june 28, 2016