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    Yesterday, the DAP Serian Branch launched the State Election Machinery for Kedup and Bukit Semuja. The launching ceremony was held at the Balai Raya of Kampong Sangai Empani and was attended by approximately 200 of the DAP Serian Branch members.

As the officiating guest of honour for the event, I am very encouraged by the turnout, especially given that yesterday is a working day. Not only were they present but their mood was high and enthusiastic.

In my address, I brought up 3 issues, namely:
1. The implementation of Goods & Services Tax (GST) which has made lives difficult for everyone. The coming Sarawak State Elections will be the first time the people can express their disapproval towards the Barisan National (BN) Government for the implementation of GST in April, 2015. In this coming State Elections, we must send a clear message to BN that the people oppose GST.

2. Under BN government, regardless whether the international oil price is up or down, ultimately the people suffers. When the oil price was high, the cronies of the BN government have a windfall and benefits from the high revenue generated while the people suffers from high inflation. However, when oil price is low, the people also suffers from inflation. This is the result of the BN policies favouring the cronies over the people.

3. In 2015, there was a total RM900 million allocated for Minor Rural Projects (MRP) fund. With such amount, every DUN constituency should get approximately RM15 million each. Given that there are about 100 kampong in Kedup constituency, each kampong (or every JKKK) in Kedup should get about RM150,000 for MRP fund in 2015.

However, this is not the case. Where has all the MRP fund gone to? That is the question everyone must ask their Ketua Kampong, BN ADUN and the minister.

When DAP brought up this question in DUN, Adenan refused to answer and tried to divert the issue by accusing the DAP of objecting against rural development.

Ultimately, despite whatever said by Adenan or Najib about how good BN is, people’s livelihood are seriously affected by the BN policies. Business activities are slowing down and the working class are finding their disposal income shrinking.

Therefore voters in Sarawak should seize this opportunity to strengthen the opposition and lay the foundation for change of government in the 14th General Elections.

Together with me are MP for Bukit Gelugor Ram Karpal, MP for Stampin Julian Tan and ADUN for Pending Violet Yong.

Chong Chieng Jen
Sarawak DAP chairman
MP for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa