Adenan bluff sarawakian again .Vote BN,Sarawak Autonomy will not be recovered

Adenan’s call for a bigger win for the BN in the coming State Elections for him to bargain for more autonomy is but an excuse to cover up his failure to obtain autonomy from the federal Government.
He is now using his failure to get true autonomy from the federal Government as a carrot to entice more votes for BN in the coming State Elections.
Sarawakians are no fools and we can see clearly from the following facts that Adenan’s call is only a bluff:
1. At present, in Parliament, BN has a total 134 MPs out of 222 MPs which is only 60.36%. On the other hand, in Sarawak DUN, BN has 54 out of 71 ADUNs which is 76.06%. Sarawak BN is already a lot stronger in DUN than the National BN in Parliament.
There is thus no reason for the Federal Government to reject any demand from the Sarawak Government on any of the autonomy powers on the ground that Sarawak BN is not strong enough.
2. In the demand for 20% oil and gas royalties, Adenan had 100% support in DUN. Yet he still fails to get the Federal Government to consent to the 20% oil and gas royalties. What number can be more than 100% support in DUN? Surely Adenan cannot have an electoral victory that will give Sarawak BN more than 100% win.
If even a 100% support in DUN cannot make the Federal BN Government give in to the demand of the Sarawak State Government, it is pointless for Adenan to ask for a bigger victory in Sarawak state election.
3. The key to more autonomy power for Sarawak lies not in the State elections but the 25 Sarawak BN MPs in Parliament.
The issue of negotiating for more State autonomy is all about the devolution of power by the Federal Government to the State Government. It is a matter of whether the Federal Government is willing to devolve these powers. If it is not willing, then it is a matter of how the State Government force the issue. 

If Adenan is true in wanting to get more autonomy for Sarawak, he has the leverage in the Sarawak’s 25 BN MPs in Parliament. If and only if these 25 Sarawak BN MPs withdraw their support for the National BN, the National BN will only have 109 MPs which will make Najib’s administration a minority government.

As a minority government, it will then be up to Adenan to detect the terms with the Federal government, not to beg and plea with Najib.

However, if these 25 Sarawak BN MPs remain in BN, then they are still bound by Najib and given the stand of UMNO BN (as shown in the royalty issue), there is no hope for more autonomous power for Sarawak.

I urge Adenan not to treat Sarawkians as if we are all ignorant about politics. Anyone with the slightest knowledge of the current political scenario and the workings of a federation system will know that his statement is nothing but a bluff.
If Adenan wants to dangle a carrot for the Sarawak voters to vote BN in the coming State elections, make sure it is a true carrot, and not a fake carrot.
The rejection by the Federal Government of the 20% oil and gas royalties demand has clearly shown that there is no political will on the part of the BN to give Sarawak more autonomy.
Therefore, to effectively fight for more autonomy, Sarawak BN must withdraw from BN and Adenan must direct his 25 BN MPs to withdraw their support for Najib’s administration. Otherwise, all negotiations and talks about autonomy will come to nothing and suffers the same fate as the 20% oil and gas royalties demand.

Chong Chieng Jen
MP for Bandar Kuching & ADUN for Kota Sentosa
DAP Sarawak Chairman