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Opposition questions meager returns to landowners from Sarawak JV scheme

Sarawak DAP chief Chond Chieng Jen says NCR landowners in the state could have generate a profit per acre of between RM150 and RM600 per month, if they had planted vegetables and fruits to sell in the market. – The Malaysian Insider pic, December 29, 2015.
Landowners who participated in the Sarawak government's joint venture scheme had made less than RM8 per month for every acre of land in the past 19 years. 
Shocked by such miserable returns, Kota Sentosa state assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen, who derived the figures from a reply given in the state legislative assembly yesterday, said Sarawak Native Customary Right (NCR) landowners had clearly been exploited by state government agencies. 
“They can definitely do better by just planting potatoes and plucking wild vegetables from their land to sell in the market, rather than participating in the JV schemes with state government agencies,” the Kuching MP and state DAP chairman said.
The written reply was pertaining to Chong’s question on the detailed breakdown of returns from the NCR land joint venture projects, in which landowners had partnered with the Sarawak Land Consolidation and Rehabilitation Authority (Salcra), and the Land Custody and Development Authority (LCDA), since 1994. 
It states that, as at November 30, 2015, the total area utilised for plantation was 79,565 hectares (196,602 acres), involving 13,952 landowners, with total returns amounting to RM178.5 million disbursed to the participating landowners. 
Based on the average of 10 years for all the planted areas, Chong surmised that landowners would have received a mere RM907.92 per acre. 
"That means, on average, these NCR landowners are receiving only RM90.79 per year per acre, or RM7.56 per month per acre, from the NCR land given to government agencies for planting oil palm," Chong said. 
Quoting fresh fruit branch (FFB) price during the good years and worst time which was RM800 per tonne and RM400 per tonne respectively, Chong said the profit per acre is approximately RM150 to RM600 per month. 
“Who actually benefited from these JV schemes? The contractors, the transporters or the suppliers who have siphoned out the profits of the JV schemes? 
"Who are these contractors, transporters and suppliers? Are they related to the ministers in charge?” Chong asked. Chong demanded deputy chief minister Tan Sri Alfred Jabu, who is also state rural development minister and Salcra chairman,as well as state land development minister Tan Sri Dr James Masing, to answer to these NCR landowners, as the two are the relevant ministers in charge of the scheme.
On themalaysianinsider  – December 29, 2015

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Umno-friendly PAS won’t get support in Sarawak, says DAP

PAS will not get any support from Sarawakians in the upcoming state polls, Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen said today.

 “It's now beyond all doubts that PAS is an ally to Umno. No sensible Sarawakian will support Umno or PAS,” he told The Malaysian Insider.

 “They are free to contest. Let the voters decide, but I don't think they can garner any support,” he said, commenting on PAS's intention to field candidates in seats contested by DAP. 

Sarawak PAS commissioner Jofri Jaraiee had said they would contest at least 11 seats during state polls next year, including those traditionally contested by DAP. 

He reportedly said it was the prerogative of Sarawak PAS to contest in DAP seats as it was not part of the new coalition Pakatan Harapan. 

Despite breaking off with DAP, PAS maintains cooperation with PKR. 

Sarawak PAS had said it was prepared to consult with PKR in accordance with a decision by the party's central committee to maintain political cooperation with PKR.

 The 11 seats PAS plans to contest are Beting Maro, Sebuyau, Sadong Jaya, Muara Tuang, Samariang, Jepak, Samalaju, Lambir, Senadin, Batu Kawa and Dudong. 

The party first entered Sarawak in 1996 and has been contesting elections since 2001.

 It has so far failed to win any seats at parliamentary or state level. 

Meanwhile, Chong said the state DAP had identified 35 candidates to contest in 15 urban seats and 20 rural seats in coming state election.

 He said the majority of its candidates were new faces, but declined to reveal their identities citing ongoing negotiations with PKR. 

On themalaysianinsider – December 26, 2015.

Sarawak DAP raises red flag over unauthorised party symbols in Kuching

Sarawak DAP has lodged a police report over the unauthorised use of party flags around the state capital Kuching.

 “We don’t want the Election Commission or Barisan Nasional to have any excuse to take any legal action against the party,” Chong Chieng Jen, the DAP state chairman, said after lodging the report today. It is an offence under election laws to raise party flags in public places outside the campaigning period. 

Chong said party leaders had not authorised the use of the flags.
He said the DAP flags raised in various public places were different in size than the ones normally used by the party.
This morning, DAP flags were seen on a hornbill statue at a roundabout on the road near the Kuching International Airport, the pedestrian street along Jalan Batu Lintang, in a fenced off area in Reservoir Park and few other public places.
Chong, who is the Kuching MP and Kota Sentosa assemblyman, urged those responsible to take down the flags.
Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen (third from left) with party leaders after lodging a report with the Kuching police today. – The Malaysian Insider pic by Ng Ai Fern, December 26, 2015. 
Refusing to point fingers, Chong urged supporters to keep the flags until election time. “Let’s bear with it for few more months. Keep the flags, when election comes, put them up to help our campaign. Keep the passion for change burning until the dissolution of the state assembly," he said. 
The Sarawak state elections are due next June. Chong said the pre-election campaign, probably by their supporters, meant that people were eager to send a strong message to Barisan Nasional (BN). 
“The sentiment to ask the Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak to step down is very strong. A lot of people cannot bear it anymore. Prices of goods going up, country rudderless, we are going nowhere.” 
  On themalaysianinsider – December 26, 2015. 

National Security Council Act, an Act to further curtail Sarawak’s Autonomy and position. Yet it is supported by the Sarawak BN

The passing of the National Security Council (NSC) Act is yet another strong proof that the BN Sarawak has to toe the line of Najib and its UMNO counterparts in Parliament. It also exposes the hypocrisy of SUPP.
The SUPP President Dr Sim has on numerous occasions issued press statements expressing his objection to the said NSC Act on the ground that the provisions are unfair to Sarawak. Yet, at crunch time, when the Bill was put to vote in the Parliament, he and his BN Sarawak colleagues were all in full support for the Bill. It is with the BN Sarawak Members of Parliament’s support that the NSC Bill was passed by the Parliament and became an Act.
It is clear that the provisions of the NSC Act are aimed to counter the autonomy demands of Sarawak.
Under the NSC Act, the members of the National Security Council comprises the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Defence Minister, Home Affairs Minister, Communication and Multimedia Minister, Chief Secretary to the Government, Chief of Defence Force and Inspector General of Police.
The Council is empowered under the Act to declare any area in Malaysia to be a “security area” based on what the Council deems as detrimental to territorial integrity, socio-political stability, economic stability, national unity, etc.
Under the Act, once a place is declared “security area”, the Security Forces will move in and shall have power to arrest people and search and seize property without any Court warrant. They can even use what they deem necessary force against anyone in the name of carrying out their duties.
Basically, the power to declare an area “security area” is similar to the power to impose curfew in the heydays of the insurgency or threats by the Communists. But under the Act, the power now lies in the hand of the Prime Minister and his Council members.
I can list out a few real examples where the Act can be used to justify suppression by the Federal Government against Sarawak, especially on our autonomy movement in Sarawak:
1. Sarawak Government demands for 20% Oil and Gas Royalties.
• The Prime Minister may use the excuse that the 20% royalty to Sarawak will greatly reduce the revenue of the Federal Government and thereby cause economic instability to the country, and thus suppress all demands for 20% Oil and Gas Royalties.
2. Sarawak Government wishes to implement English as the second official language of the State.
• The Prime Minister may use the excuse that it will undermine the status of the Bahasa Malaysia and thereby affect the socio-political stability of the country or even use the excuse of affecting “national unity” to go against the State Government’s said decision.
3. Sarawak demands for more autonomy.
• The Prime Minister may use the excuse that it affects the socio-political stability of the country and declare Sarawak as a “security area” whereby the Security Forces will take over the running of the State.
4. There are currently some demands for independence of Sarawak.
• The answer to that will be the Prime Minister using the excuse under “territorial integrity” to declare Sarawak as a “security area”.
In gist, the NSC Act is an Act to undemocratically suppress any autonomy demands and movement in Sarawak. The Opposition (except for some PAS MPs) opposed the Bill strongly. All the BN MPs supported the Bill, including the Sarawak BN’s MPs.
The BN MP’s support for the Bills is despite the numerous press statements outside Parliament by Dr. Sim that the Bill is “UNFAIR TO SARAWAK”.
Adenan’s heroic image in Sarawak is also dented by the passing of the Bills. He may be the No.1 hero in Sarawak having the courage to speak up against the UMNO, but ultimately, when his MPs go to Parliament, they have to toe the UMNO’s line, to the detriment of Sarawak’s interest.
Of course, at present, the Federal BN Government will not use the NSC Act to suppress Sarawak on the demand for 20% Royalty and the autonomy movement. This is mainly because such movement in Sarawak is actually helping the BN to divert Sarawkian’s attention on the RM2.6 billion donation and 1MDB scandals ofNajib.
If one day, the autonomy movement takes a more tangible form and poses a threat to the Federal Government, then the foundation for suppression has been laid and the NSC Act will be used to suppress such movement.
As the Chief Minister of Sarawak and also a lawyer, there is no reason that Adenan is unaware of the potential threat of the NSC to Sarawak. Then, why is he allowing his Members of Parliament from Sarawak BN support the NSC Act?
Chong Chieng Jen
MP for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa

Friday, December 25, 2015


《国安会法令》的通过,再次证明,砂州国阵(包括人联党)只是巫统和纳吉的拥护者。 在砂州权益和纳吉/巫统利益之间,砂国阵只会选择支持纳吉/巫统利益。 它也再次的暴露人联党的双面人角色。
“一旦一个地区被宣布为‘安全区’,军队或警察将有绝对的权力管制该地区,包括在没有法庭庭令下进行逮捕任何可疑人士、搜查或占据任何房子、店屋和产业以及使用任何他们认为合理的武力对付抗议份子。 这些侵犯基本人权的行使权,都将是由该‘安全区’负责人做决定。”
1. 砂拉越州政府要求20%石油开采税,在该法令下,首相则有权力以‘20%开采税若给予砂州,它将影响联邦政府的收入进而影响国家经济稳定’为由,运用该法令对付砂拉越及任何提出20%开采税的人士。
2. 砂拉越政府要以英语为第二官方语文,首相则有权以‘它将影响国语地位及影响国家的社会政治稳定’或以‘影响国民团结’为由,运用该法令对付砂拉越。
3. 砂州政府要求更多的自主权,首相也有权以‘影响国家社会政治稳定’为由,宣布砂州为‘安全区’进而以军事统治砂州。
4. 一些甚至争取砂拉越独立的言论,首相则有权以‘影响国家领土主权’为由,宣布砂州为‘安全区’进而以军事统治砂州。
“这《国安会法令》,基本上就是以不民主的手段,来压制砂拉越主权运动的一个法令。 反对党的国会议员(除了一半以上的伊斯兰党国会议员)都反对该法令的通过。 但是,国阵的国会议员,包括砂州国阵的国会议员却都赞成并支持这法令。”
张氏说,沈桂贤多次在报纸上指责该法令对砂州不公平,甚至在该法令被上议院通过后,他还在报章上发表言论说该法令对砂州不公平。 既然他非常清楚该法令对砂州不公平,为何他却仍旧在上议院支持该法令?
“这就是人联党领袖一贯的厚颜作风:国会外逞英雄,国会内当狗熊! 最终,人民的权益都被他们的代议士在国会里典当掉。”
张氏表示,当然,联邦政府目前还不会运用这法令来对付砂州的这些争取主权或20%开采税的运动和言论。 因为这些运动目前还不成气候,而且更重要的是,它或多或少也可协助纳吉和砂国阵,转移砂州人民对纳吉26亿捐款和1MDB丑闻的关注。 但是,若有朝一日这运动有机会成功时,《国安会法令》将会被启动为压制砂州的工具。

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新“乌巴”将亮相 晋下月火箭晚宴

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“这5间公司是,Sarawak Capital Assets有限公司、SSG Capital Resources有限公司、SGOS Capital Holdings有限公司、Equisar有限公司和Sarawak Technology Holdings有限公司。” 





张氏表示,他从2010年开始就不断的追问这笔钱到底用在那里,但砂州政府都三缄其口,不肯透露这户口里的钱的来龙去脉。 直到2013年,经过国家稽查司发出警告书之后,砂州政府才在州议会提呈该户口2006 – 2010 的财务报告书。 但是该5年的财务报告书却没指名几十亿令吉的钱是用在哪里。

“之后我还是不断的追问,最终,在今届的砂州议会,砂州政府终於在州议会提呈了该户口2011年 – 2014年的财务报告书,其中也透露,几十亿令吉的钱都是用在还砂州政府这5间子公司的债务。”


张氏也说,通常,若是政府要拨款进行发展工程,政府必须在每年的财政预算案中列明工程的资料。 但是,以这种方式(透过政府借钱来资付工程),政府就可隐瞒有关工程的资料和进展,即,工程批给谁、各项工程的数目是多少、是否有无经过公开超标、工程的进展程序、甚至乎钱付了到底工程有没有进行、等。

“就比如,砂州政府透过Sarawak Capital Assets有限公司,借了6亿5000万美元的贷款,这笔约马币20多亿令吉的贷款,到底用在资付什么工程,及还给谁,州议会都不得而知。 当中是否有‘干捞’或中饱私囊的事件,州议会也不得而知。”


这与举国闻名的1MDB的资金转移的原理是一样的。 只不过,1MDB的情况是,政府以价值连城的政府地给1MDB来偿还1MDB的贷款,而砂州政府却是直接以发展拨款来偿还这些政府公司的贷款。

“另外,这些外债的债卷大部份是以美金计算。 当砂州政府借钱时,1美元是约3.2 – 3.5令吉。 如今马币贬值到1美元兑4.2令吉,致使砂州政府的这笔33亿美元债卷,平白无故的增加了30%的还债负担。 砂州政府本来需要还100亿令吉的债,现在这笔债却无端端的增至130亿令吉的。 这些都是要砂州人民去承担的。”


Billions of Development Allocations to Repay Debts of Sarawak Government’s Subsidiary Companies

The Sarawak Government has been using Billions of Development Fund to repay the debts of 5 of its subsidiary companies, namely Sarawak Capital AssetsSdnBhd, SSG Capital ResourcesSdnBhd, SGOS Capital HoldingsSdnBhd, EquisarSdnBhd and Sarawak Technology HoldingsSdn Bhd.
Since Year 2006, the Sarawak State Government has, on average, allocated more than RM1 billion of its Development Fund into an account called “Government Contribution Towards Approved Agencies” Trust Account, including a sum of RM1.418 billion in the 2016 Budget.
The State Government has been keeping very secretive on the operation of this Account and has evaded many questions asked by me since 2010 in respect of its operation.
It was not until 2013, after a reprimand by the Federal Auditors-General that the Sarawak State Government tabled in DUN Sarawak, the Financial Statements of this Account for the years 2006 – 2010.
However, those financial statements were all one-page statements where no information was revealed to whom the billions of Ringgit in the account was paid.
After several rounds of persistent questioning, finally, in the recent DUN meeting, the Government tabled the Financial Statement of the said Trust Account for the years 2011 till 2014. In those statements, its revealed that the billions of Ringgit in the said Account were all used to repay the loan taken up by the Sarawak State Government through the above-mentioned 5 of its subsidiary companies.
The financial statements of the “Government Contribution Towards Approved Agencies” Trust Account for the years 2011 till 2014, which were tabled in Sarawak Dun in the December,2016 meetings, reveal as follows:
1. For the past 10 years, the Sarawak State Government borrowed a total RM1.7 billion and US$ 3.373 billion.
2. From 2011 – 2014, the repayment of the loan by the Sarawak State Government are as follows:
Year - Amount of Loan Repayment (RM)
2011 - 1,603,684,801.03
2012 -1,601,528,773.96
2013 -2,005,791,252.49
2014 -1,465,369,532.17
(no information was given on the repayment of loan for the years prior to this)

Though it was stated in the Financial Statements that the loans were “Grants for Financing Various Projects”, there is totally no mention whatsoever on the details of the said financed “Projects”.
Normally, if projects were financed directly from the development allocations in the Budgets, the Government has to list out and be answerable in DUN on the details of the projects. However, under this mode of financing, ie. through a loan taken up by the State Government, the State Government is circumventing the requirement to be answerable to DUN on the details of the projects.
As such, information like, what are the “Projects” financed, how much is the costs of each “Project”, who are the contractors involved, whether there is any open tenders called for the award of the “Projects”, progress of the “Projects”, etc are all not available and not accountable to DUN.
Because the Projects are financed through loans of the Sarawak State Goernment’s subsidiary companies, technically, the State Government is not even accountable and answerable to the Sarawak DUN on the fundamental question whether the Projects actually exist.
For instance, the State Government through Sarawak Capital Assets SdnBhd, borrowed US$650 million, an equivalent of approximately RM2 billion. The DUN Sarawak was kept in the dark on what “Projects” were financed by this amount and to whom the amount was eventually paid. Is there any mis-appropriation of fund or corruption involved?
This mode of circumventing the scrutiny and accountability to the Sarawak DUN is similar to the modus operandi of the 1MDB scandal, except that in the case of 1MDB, the Federal Government transfers valuable land to 1MDB for the latter to sell and repay the latter’s debt but in the Sarawak State Government’s case, it is a direct allocation of Development Fund for these subsidiary companies to repay their loans.
On another note, when the State Government borrowed these loans, the then prevailing exchange rates are in the region of US$1 to RM3.2 – 3.5. Now the exchange rates is US$1 to RM4.2. For the US$3.3 billion loan, the State Government’s obligation to repay has increased by approximately 30%. The RM10 billion debt is now approximately RM13 billion debt and every single Ringgit will have to be borne by us Sarawakian.
Despite the Government’s attempted cover-up on the usage of this astronomical fund, I will continue to pursue on this question and make the Sarawak State Government answerable to the people and provide us the answers.
The only way by which the State Government can stop me from asking the questions in DUN is to stop me from getting re-elected as an ADUN.
Chong Chieng Jen
MP for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa

Thursday, December 17, 2015





“在一个有尊奉法治的民主国家,当一位政治领袖被揭露有如此巨额的现款进入其私人户口而又无法交代清楚其来龙去脉,早就已经引咎辞职了。 但是在马来西亚,反而是揭露这丑闻的人和调查这案件的官员被对付,其中包括潘检伟被禁止出国和进入砂拉越。”



1. 如果纳吉真的被定罪,纳吉已不能再当首相了,也没有人会效忠他了。 因此,讲‘如果他被定罪,会重新考虑继续效忠他’的话根本就是多余的。

2. 现今的情况是,纳吉虽然还没定罪,但他已违反了基本的清廉和透明施政的原则。 如今,连以贪污至上的巫统,都已开始越来越多的基层党员都无法容忍纳吉的行为,但是阿德南还要等到法庭判纳吉有罪,才“重新检讨是否继续效忠于他”。 这根本就违反阿德南口口声声所说的要清廉施政的原则。

3. 今时今日的纳吉,独揽大权,牢牢控制整个国家的执法和行政机关。 别说要他被法庭定罪,就连将他提控上法庭都没有可能,除非他下台。 阿德南是聪明人,不可能不知道这现实。



张氏也说,纳吉的继续专政和滥权,也是造成外资对马来西亚的制度失去信心的因素之一。 他也是造成马币贬值的其中原因之一。


Adenan’s conditional “Re-consider loyalty to Najib” statement is in fact a Re-affirmation of his loyalty to Najib

 Adenan’s announcement yesterday that “if Najib is found guilty of 1MDB-related offences, Sarawak BN will re-consider their loyalty to him” is full of rhetoric and amounts to nothing.

There are 3 points in his statement that show clearly that Adenan is and will remain the strong supporter of Najib:

1. If Najib is found guilty, Najib will no longer be the Prime Minister and no one in BN, be it Sarawak or nationwide will be loyal to him anyway.

2. As is the current situation, although Najib is not found guilty in Court, what he has done, especially his RM2.6 billion scandal, defies all principles of good and transparent governance. Even in the corrupt UMNO, there are now growing numbers of grass-root members who can’t tolerate his misdeeds and are openly calling for his resignation. 
Yet, Adenan has to wait for a conviction by Court for him to re-consider his loyalty to Najib. This clearly goes against Adenan’s talk about clean and good governance.

3. It is obvious that Najib is now having full control over the enforcement and other administrative agencies in the country. It is almost unthinkable that Najib will be charged in court, a fortiori, that he will be convicted. Adenan cannot be so naïve as to think that there is even a slightest chance of Najib being charged in Court.

What is even worse than the 1MDB misdeed of Najib is the RM2.6 billion deposited into his personal account which, until today, Najib has no explanation from whom such money was given and to whom the same amount was paid.

In any other democratic country, a political leader involved in such scandal would have long resigned. However, in Malaysia, instead of the political leader resigning, it is the whistle-blowers and the investigating officers who are penalised, including the banning of Tony Pua from leaving Malaysia and from entering Sarawak.

Instead of showing any sign of remorse after the expose of the scandal, Najib sacked those who questioned him and further consolidated his stranglehold to the position. 
He even tabled the National Security Council Bill in Parliament so as to give him more power, including the power to declare any place “a security area” which is tantamount to declaring “state of emergency” where police and army will have absolute power to arrest anyone and seize anything.

Adenan’s statement yesterday, on the face of it, is appealing to the people of Sarawak who dislike Najib and UMNO. However, if one were to read between the lines, Adenan is actually re-affirming his support to Najib, for the mere reason that Najib will never be found guilty so long as he remains the Prime Minister.

Chong Chieng Jen
Member of Parliament for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa

Wednesday, December 16, 2015



有动议王 Motion King 之称的高级部长黄顺舸今日提呈动议禁足砂劳越行动党主席张健仁,事发缘由是张健仁在2016年砂州财政预算案的计算法是“魔术师会计法”而引起高级部长的不满而将他禁足,这也引起了众议员的错愕。





Sarawak State Budget VS David Copperfield Master of Illusionist Principle of Accounting

Sarawak State Budget VS David Copperfield Master of Illusionist Principle of Accounting
砂拉越州预算案 VS 魔术师大卫考柏菲账目

YB Wong Soon Koh, who is also the second finance minister moved the motion to suspend YB Chong Chieng Jen , Kota Sentosa after he stood firmly by his words about the Sarawak State Government's budget being "a David Copperfield master of illusionist principle of accounting".

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Copperfield remark - DAP's Chong suspended from assembly

by dapkuching
- malaysiakini 15/12/2015
Kota Sentosa Assemblyman Chong Chieng Jen has been suspended from the Sarawak state assembly beginning this evening for the rest of the current sitting which ends tomorrow.
Speaker Mohamad Asfia Awang Nassar made the decision after accepting a motion moved by Sarawak Second Finance Minister Wong Soon Koh to suspend Chong when the assemblyperson, who is also Sarawak DAP chairperson, refused to withdraw his reference to the state budget as a 'David Copperfield accounting'.
Earlier, when interrupting Wong's winding-up speech, Chong insisted that the state should be a ‘deficit budget’ but had been 'magically' turned into a surplus budget by what the accounting profession called 'creative accounting' and referred it as 'David Copperfield accounting'.
When asked by Asfia if he meant to say that the state budget tabled by Chief Minister Adenan Satem last week was 'an illusion', Chong insisted to refer the state budget as a 'David Copperfield accounting' budget.
Later Asfia put to a vote a motion to suspend Chong with the floor voting 32 in favour, 12 against and one abstaining. - Bernama

Chong digantung sifatkan bajet S'wak seperti akaun David Copperfield

-malaysiakini 15/12/2015
Anggota Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Kota Sentosa, Chong Cheing Jen digantung daripada menghadiri sidang Dewan Undangan Negeri Sarawak hari ini kerana menyifatkan Bajet Sarawak seperti akaun ahli silap mata David Cooperfield.
Speaker Datuk Amar Mohamad Asfia Awang Nassar membuat keputusan itu selepas menerima usul yang dikemukakan Menteri Kewangan Kedua Sarawak, Datuk Seri Wong Soon Koh untuk menggantung Chong yang juga pengerusi DAP Sarawak setelah beliau enggan manarik balik rujukannya kepada bajet negeri sebagai perakaunan David Copperfield.
Terdahulu semasa mencelah ucapan penggulungan Wong, Chong berkata bajet negeri adalah defisit tetapi secara magis bertukar menjadi bajet lebihan seperti apa yang dipanggil juruakaun profesional sebagai akaun kreatif dan merujuknya sebagai akaun David Copperfield.
Disoal sama ada beliau bermaksud bajet yang dibentangkan Ketua Menteri Tan Sri Adenan Satem minggu lalu sebagai ilusi, Chong enggan mengaku tetapi bertegas dengan merujuknya sebagai akaun David Copperfield.
Mohamad Asfia kemudiannya membuat undian untuk menggantung Chong dengan 32 Adun menyokong, 12 orang menentang dan seorang berkecuali.
Esok merupakan hari terakhir persidangan Dewan.
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指砂预算案为“魔术账目” 张健仁遭州议会禁足两天

《转载自 当今大马》
张健仁形容,砂州预算案就像是“大卫考柏菲账目”(David Copperfield Accounting)。
州议会议长阿斯飞亚(Mohamad Asfia Awang Nassar)批准动议,并允许记名投票。

Monday, December 14, 2015

Two Sarawak DAP reps claim trial to ‘illegal’ Bersih 4 rally

Sarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen (2nd right) and Stampin MP Julian Tan (right) with counsels Yap Hoi Liong (left) and Chong Siew Chiang (2nd left) after their court appearance at the Sessions Court in Kuching, December 14, 2015. — Picture by Sulok Tawie
KUCHING, Dec 14 — Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen and his party colleague Julian Tan Kok Ping were both charged with taking part in an illegal street demonstration at the Sessions Court here today.
Bandar Kuching MP Chong and Stampin MP Tan both pleaded not guilty to committing the offence under Section 4(2)(c) of the Peaceful Assembly Act 2012 before Sessions Court judge Amelati Parnell who released the duo on a RM5,000 bail each with one surety.
Chong and Tan, together with others still at large, were accused of taking part in the street procession between 2pm and 3pm on August 29, starting from a site in front of Hilton Hotel to Jalan Borneo, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman, Jalan Tabuan, Jalan Ban Hock before arriving at Song Kheng Hai Rugby Ground, the venue of the Bersih 4 rally.
Under the law, the duo can be fined up to RM10,000 upon conviction. A fine of over RM2,000 by the court may see them barred from holding their elected posts or holding any posts in the DAP as required by elections laws.
Chong and Tan were represented by Chong Siew Chiang, Yap Hoi Liong, Alan Ling, Wong King Wei and Alvin Chong, while the prosecution was led by Senior Federal Counsel Mohamad Iskandar Ahmad and Deputy Public Prosecutors Mohd Taufik Mohd Yusof and Poh Yin Tinn.
The court fixed January 14 next year for case management before another Sessions Court judge Dayang Ellyn Narisa Abang Abang Ahmad.
Amelati told both parties that they are free to put forward a request that Dayang Ellyn decide the date for the trial.
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