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“Terima kasih kerana sudi mengajar kami. Adakah kem pendidikan akan diadakan bulan Sembilan nanti?” asked an eager­ 12-year-old boy right after attending the Impian Reading Camp in Miri recently. The boy is one of many who do not attend school for various reasons. The children are very excited that we will be conducting an Education Camp there in September. Will you join us in making this camp really special for them? If you would like to bring a smile to their faces, then sign up here: If you have enquiries, email us at before 16 August 2015. Volunteers will help facilitate our activity-based programmes focusing in English, Mathematics & Science and multiple intelligence games. You will assist our team in various ways: admin tasks, logistics planning, F&B arrangements and even taking photographs. Your expenses will include your own transport arrangements to Miri Airport and a one-off contribution fee of RM1…


Are you ready for a 8KM long gravity-fed water system project? This is not for the faint-hearted. We're looking for strong and adventurous volunteers to join us this September in Lawas, Sarawak. This project will take place from 19 - 27 September 2015.
**Limited spaces available.

For those who are interested, please fill in this form:

Send your queries to:

Chong: RM80 mln to upgrade 8km road too high

KUCHING: State DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen is questioning the high cost to upgrade the stretch of Kuching- Serian road from Mile 10 to 15 to the tune of RM80 million.

He said the cost was ‘ beyond acceptable and reasonable’ and thus urged Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof to come up with an explanation.

Chong, who is Bandar Kuching MP and Kota Sentosa assemblyman, also questioned the manner in which the contract was awarded, which he said was not done through open tender and that the project was not awarded to ‘classless contractors’.

“Given the high cost of the upgrading works for the 8km stretch of road, which is RM10 million per km, it is only right for him ( Fadillah) to give a clear explanation,” Chong told a press conference at DAP headquarters yesterday, which was also attended by Pending and Batu Kawah assemblywomen Violet Yong and Christina Chiew, respectively.

Fadillah was quoted on July 13 as saying that the project was estimated to cost RM80 million as it involve…

1公里耗资1000万 晋连路提升工程天价

(本报古晋23日讯)行动党国州议员张健仁对于晋连路11哩至15哩的道路提升工程需要耗资8000万令吉,大表吃惊! 身兼古晋区国会议员及哥打圣淘沙区州议员的张健仁于今日召开新闻发布会时指出,此数据是根据我国工程部部长拿督法迪拉尤索日前在报章上所公布。 他惊讶表示,这也就是相等于1公里耗资1000万令吉。 他声言,虽然法迪拉尤索宣称有关花费包括了土地赔偿及路灯建设等,但是法迪拉尤索还是有责任列明所有花费。 “对我而言,8000万令吉作为8公里道路的提升工程经费,还是太高了。” 与此同时,他披露,根据他从财政部获得的资料显示,该工程并没有公开招标,而是以“邀请竞标”的方式,让指定的五家公司投标。 他指出,当中有两家指定公司分别在2013年9月及2015年4月份成立,两家公司在这之前皆没有任何承包工程的经验,但却获得邀请参与这次大型工程的竞标。 对此,他质疑政府为何不公开招标,而是用限定招标制度来指定参与竞标的公司。 他呼吁法迪拉尤索解释为何会涉及如此庞大的经费、为何不公开招标,甚至让不符合资格的公司参与竞标?

Donate RM50 to Ubah Sarawak

Everyday, schoolchildren cross rivers and ravines via rickety bamboo bridges like this one. They risk life and limb every day just to get to school and back. This risk to our future generation is what Impian Sarawak is trying to stop from happening. An initiative by DAP, Impian Sarawak aims to mobilise volunteers and the local communities of the marginalised in Sarawak to carry out life-improving projects. These projects include the construction of gravity-fed water systems, upgrading and building of basic infrastructures; roads, community halls, jetties, and installation of solar-powered lamps. We rely completely on donations from the public; by individuals and organisations to fund our activities. Support us in our effort to change Sarawak for the better. Donate RM50 to Ubah Sarawak.





“第一,砂州根本就没有什么‘西马政党’。行动党是‘全国政党’,在砂州的行动党,党员和领导,都是砂州人。 砂州行动党全体州委也都是道道地地的砂拉越人,也是马来西亚人。 同样的,我们全砂拉越的人民,全都是砂拉越人,也同时都是马来西亚人。”

张氏也指出,国阵也是属于全国政党组织。 更甚的是,砂行动党在关系到砂州事项的决策上,有自主权,但砂国阵在重大决策上却仍是被联邦国阵牵着鼻子走。


张健仁说,“砂拉越人的砂拉越”是一个民间社会的政治醒觉运动。 它是一个超越政党政治的社会运动。 不应该被这些心怀不轨的人士,脏污了整个社会运动。


张氏也怀疑,那些高喊‘西马政党出去’的S4S成员,是人联党和联民党所混入的成员。 这口号是人联党80和90年代惯喊的口号,而联民党(源自人联党)也是一部分S4S人士背后的金主,其中包括房保德,更公开承认接受联民党的现金资助。

“这些人士,假借砂州人民爱护砂州的情怀,但真正议程却是在替国阵宣传,攻击在野党。 这种行为是在骑劫人民运动,也将破坏整个人民运动。 这是为了个人议程,破坏整个人民的运动。 同时,也破坏了全马人民都期待的改朝换代、告别腐败的进程。”

张氏说,不管是全国政党在砂州党员,还是砂州本土政党的党员,大家都是砂拉越人。 如果真正为了砂拉越的利益,都不应该有这种区分。 因此,这种欲挑起东西马政党情绪的人士,根本就不是真心要以砂拉越的利益为出发点。



“试想想,没有全国政党或火箭,砂州就完全没有在野党,砂国阵也将再次的在砂州一党独大。 砂州的政治又再回到20世纪的情况,任由砂国阵为所欲为,剥削砂州人民。”

张氏说,任何民主制度,对人民最有保障的就是两线制,政党轮替的局面。 相比过去80及90年代国阵一党独大和现在在野党逐渐壮大的情况,现今政…

Chong to table motion for referendum ordinance

KUCHING: State Democratic Action Party (DAP) chairman Chong Chieng Jen is ready to table a motion for a referendum ordinance in the next State Legislative Assembly sitting in August.
The Kota Sentosa assemblyman said the ‘Sarawak for Sarawakians’ (S4S) organisers have been gunning for a referendum ordinance, as opposed to Sarawak’s independence.

“What the Referendum Ordinance will do is allow referendums to be held in respect of major decisions of any country or government, and S4S has stated earlier in April this year that their struggle is not for independence but for the referendum ordinance and we at DAP do support this idea.

“There are a lot of examples of referendums globally – for example, in Switzerland, several referendums are held in a year where even the government’s decision to increase assessment rates have to go for referendum. As for Scotland, their referendum was very specific, which was the Scotland Independence Referendum Act where they only have one agenda which is the…


DAP will participate in Wednesday's 722 rally.
please gather in front of Hilton Kuching on 22 July, 8am. We will start walking towards the gathering Point at Song Kheng Hai padang at 8:30 am. Dress code for that day is black or red without any party logo (as requested by the organiser) ———————————————————————————————————————— 民主行动党将参与来临的星期三722大聚会,为了尊重主办当局的意愿,我们将于7月22日早上8点正,身穿没有党徽的红色或黑色衣服在古晋Hilton对面集合。8:30分开始以步行前往722聚集地点,这是完全合法并合乎法律程序的,倘若有任何阻扰我们将会有律师团与之交涉。 民主行动党支持“砂拉越人的砂拉越”的砂州人民醒觉运动。因为这醒觉运动,有助于提升砂州人民的政治意识、对不公平施政的监督和捍卫砂州人民的权益。 至于S4S的公投法的诉求,基本上,公投法是一项以全民投票方式决定国家的一些重要政策的法令。 比如,在瑞士,一年之内就举行了数次的公投,其中包括,市议会要调高门牌税,也必须经过公投决定,由人民的选票来决定。 而苏格兰的公投法则是明确的阐明是,《苏格兰独立公投法令》,其所提及的公投事项,就只有一个,即苏格兰独立。 经过我与几组的S4S成员的交谈,他们自称只是要争取公投法,并没讲到要砂州独立。 这包括今年4月时,有S4S成员也在报章上表明没有争取砂独,只是争取公投法,还政于民。 8月提呈公投法动议 争取公投法的通过,让人民更直接的参与政府决定政策的程序,行动党绝对支持。 因此,我也会将于今年8月的本季第二度州议会,提呈公投法的动议。 虽然公投法是一项由人民决定重大政策的法令,毕竟它只是一个程序,而非最终目标。公投法通过之后,要公投什么? 这点S4S并没有明确列出他们的议程。 虽然如此,行动党相信,“砂拉越人的砂拉越”的人民醒觉运动,它有助于提升砂州人民对于捍卫砂州权益的整体意识。 比如722的集会,也使更多砂州人民对于砂州历史较为…

'S’wak PKR must walk talk, cut ties with PAS'

No point for Sarawak PKR to maintain ties with PAS which has hudud as its primary objective but yet tell Gerakan Harapan Baru (GHB) to not push for it, saidSarawak DAP chairman Chong Chieng Jen.

Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian had recently called for the newly formed GHB, which is in the process of applying for registration as a political party, not to follow the path of PAS. He had said it should not press for hudud and acknowledge that Malaysia is a secular nation.

However Chong, in a statement today, declared it was long overdue for Sarawak PKR to decide to sever its ties with Sarawak PAS because of the latter’s hudud agenda and the leadership of its president, Abdul Hadi Awang.

The Bandar Kuching MP said Hadi (photo) had made it clear that hudud is the main agenda of PAS. As the current leadership of Sarawak PAS is aligned to Hadi, it's thus also for hudud.

“When many progressive PAS members and leaders are losing hope on Hadi’s leadership and trying to form a new party, it is incompr…

向新希望示好却拒放弃伊党 张健仁轰砂公正党做法投机
















Donate RM50 to Ubah Sarawak

Often though while we have our chai latte on one hand and smartphone on the other, we forgot that many places on the other side of Malaysia are still far-fetched from our big cities, where we could enjoy things that we often take for granted. We assumed water and electric supply will be there for sure; all you need is to apply and pay for the meters, and the rest ismagic.

But in a lot of rural places in Sarawak, most of the time one's wish is simple but often non existent-
"Please, we need water supply" or
"I wish we have road access, so my sick mother can be drive down to clinic instead of being physically carried down" or
" Diesel for generator cost almost RM 300 a month, and that's only for few hours at night. Perhaps solar lamp will help us save a lot of money, and my children can study at night too."

So whenever you are sitting in a hipster cafe, sipping away your freshly brewed coffee, remember- some of our friends in Sarawak could only dream to …

张健仁促首长交代 石角土地转让谁决定

转载自《诗华日报》 (本报古晋15日讯)土地转让事项是否涉及利益冲突﹖砂首长受促就石角新市镇对面土地的转让课题做出交代﹐以确认在有关土地转让事项将惠及砂部长夫人协会的前提下﹐相关转让土地的决定究竟是砂州内阁成员一致做出﹑还是当中一些部长的决策。 砂行动党主席张健仁国州议员是在今早于该党总部召开的新闻发布会上发言时﹐如是表示。 267英亩市价5亿 他说﹐如果按照市价进行估算的话﹐位于石角新市镇对面﹑面积达267英亩的州政府土地﹐就将拥有高达5亿令吉的价值﹐唯砂州政府却只以1亿1500万令吉的价格将有关土地转让给一家私人公司。 “根据相关合约﹐有关公司在获得该片土地后﹐就会以物物交换形式﹐为政府当局兴建1座砂部长夫人协会大厦﹐以及2座分别位于沐胶及老越地区的孤儿院。” 他披露﹐根据其所获得的消息﹐是座砂部长夫人协会大厦将耗资9500万令吉﹐而有关的孤儿院﹐则将个别耗资1000万令吉。 他续称﹐其从社团注册局取得的资料显示﹐砂部长夫人协会的理事阵容﹐就概括了砂州部长们的夫人﹐而他因此感到疑惑的是﹐砂州政府为何要转让相关的州政府土地来惠及一个由部长夫人们所组成的组织﹖ 或涉及利益冲突 他更要求当局说明﹐是项转让土地的决定﹐究竟是砂州内阁成员的一致决定﹐还是当中1﹑2位部长的决定。 “我们希望了解﹐该项转让土地的决定﹐究竟是哪些部长做出的。如果是全体内阁成员做出的一致决定的话﹐那在有关协会乃是由部长夫人们组成的前提下﹐相关决定或许就将涉及利益冲突的问题。” 他也强调﹐砂州政府土地乃是砂州人民的共同资产﹐所以砂首长理应针对有关课题﹐向砂州人民做出一个交代。 与此同时﹐他也在会上指出﹐砂行动党也将把有关资料提交到马来西亚反贪委员会﹐以让当局能够就相关事项展开进一步的调查。

张健仁:仅为时数小时 警方理由难服众

转载自《诗华日报》 (本报古晋15日讯)拒绝722大游行活动的理由既不成立﹑也不能被接受﹐所以政府当局及警方受促尊重我国人民在宪法保障下所享有的和平集会自由﹑以及自由活动之权力。 砂行动党主席张健仁国州议员是在今早于该党总部召开的新闻发布会上发言时﹐针对警方不允许722大游行活动之课题﹐如是表示。 他说﹐警方以722大游行活动将造成交通阻塞为由﹐而拒绝让722大游行活动进行的说法﹐是不成立﹐也不能被接受的。 他披露﹐有的时候﹐政府当局的一些官方庆典活动﹐反而常会需要封锁古晋独立广场附近道路长达数天之久。 “相比之下﹐是项大游行活动却只会为时数小时之久。” 他也提醒说﹐在宪法之下﹐我国人民将拥有和平集会的自由﹐以及自由活动的权力﹐所以政府当局及警方都应该尊重人民所持有的相关基本权益。

Adenan must withdraw his “Sarawak supports Najib” statement

14-7-2015 The Low Yat brawl is a product of the racialist politics played up by UMNO over the past 58 years, putting the blame of every and any wrong in the country on racial grounds. As such, even a simple theft case can be turned into a racial conflict by some sector with their secret agenda. To give just a few recent examples of this “blame it on the race” culture of the UMNO Government:
1. When the Government implemented GST causing a general increase in the prices of goods, the UMNO leaders blame it on the Chinese traders for being unscrupulous;
2. When it is the UMNO policies that created few super-rich Malay tycoons while causing the majority of the Malays poor, the UMNO politicians blame it on the Chinese for controlling the economy. In fact, most of the banks and financial institutions, the major GLCs like Tenaga, Petronas, Bernas, etc. are controlled by the UMNOputras and the UMNO cronies. These GLCs are the ones that constantly exploit the poor, making the poor poorer. The c…



张健仁指出,日前刘蝶广场的骚乱,是58年巫统种族主义政治的产品。 因为长期来,巫统不断的将所有国家的不好之处,都归罪其他种族。 也因为这类种族主义思想长期的灌输,才会发生一间单纯的偷窃案,被一些有议程人士,转为种族冲突的导因。


1. 当政府实行消费税因而造成许多物品的价格上涨,巫统的领袖把物品价格上涨归咎“无良的华裔商家”。
2. 当巫统的政策造成一小撮马来人的超级富豪但普遍马来人却仍旧贫穷,巫统的领袖怪罪华人控制经济。 事实却是,国内几乎全部的银行、金融公司、官联公司如Tenaga、国油、国家稻米公司等都是由巫统的朋党所控制,而剥削国内贫穷阶级的,都是这些公司。

“最为经典的‘都是其他族群的错’的例子来自纳吉本身。 当国阵在第13届全国大选时失去52%的选票,纳吉怪罪华裔选民,虽然华裔的人口只占全国人口的少过30%。”



“我不认同纳吉的看法。 今次的事件,是幸好有网络媒体和资讯及手机传讯的发达,在第一时间把真实的案情传出去,让广大的人民看清,这是一件普通的偷窃案,这才能在短时间内缓和大家的情绪。”




1. 告诉纳吉,砂国阵不支持巫统的种族主义政策;
2. 告诉纳吉,今次的刘蝶广场的骚乱的事件,是起因于纳吉和其巫统长期来奠下的种族仇恨的基础。
3. 收回“砂州支持纳吉”的告白。
“最有效的还是,砂州国阵退出联邦国阵。 这…

DAP tak bercadang tubuh kerajaan perpaduan dengan BN Sarawak, yang penting kerjasama dengan pihak yang bersih, adil, anti-korupsi

KUCHING, 12 JULAI: DAP tidak pernah bercadang untuk menubuhkan kerajaan perpaduan dengan Barisan Nasional Sarawak semata-mata kerana kuasa, dan fitnah yang ditimbulkan itu oleh pihak tertentu hanya berniat memburukkan perjuangan parti. Pengerusi DAP Sarawak, Chong Chieng Jen berkata, kenyataan beliau pada 15 Mac lalu jelas menyatakan bahawa apabila pembangkang nasional mengambil alih pentadbiran Malaysia, maka BN Sarawak ditawarkan untuk bersama jika sanggup mengamalkan pentadbiran bersih dan baik. Ini bermakna, jika kerajaan negeri mengamalkan pentadbiran tidak telus, tidak bersih serta bergelumang dengan korupsi, salah guna kuasa dan pembaziran, maka DAP tidak akan bekerjasama dengan kerajaan atau parti yang seperti itu, tambah beliau. “Dengan ini, tidak timbul isu DAP mahu mewujudkan kerajaan perpaduan dengan BN Sarawak semata-mata kerana kuasa. Ini tidak masuk akal dan bertentangan dengan prinsip yang DAP perjuangkan selama ini,” kata beliau. Menurutnya, apa yang beliau mahu jela…

AdenanSatem’s anti-corruption crusade has now turned into Income-Tax Collection ATM machine for Najib’s Government.

AdenanSatem’s anti-corruption crusade has now turned into Income-Tax Collection ATM machine for Najib’s Government. In May,2015, the MACC, working together withAdenanSatem on the latter’s anti-illegal logging campaign, froze the bank accounts of more than 500 Sarawak companies and individuals. At that material time, the MACC’s deputy Commissioner claimed that the MACC will complete the investigation within 2 months. The Deputy Commissioner admitted that if the freeze is more than 2 months, it will hurt the economy of Sarawak. After 2 months, many of the accounts still remain frozen despite MACC finding no evidence to prosecute many of these companies or individual in Court. Instead of having their accounts un-frozen, their files are now passed to the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) for another type of investigation while their accounts remain frozen. These companies are now told by the IRD officers that their accounts will remain frozen for as long as the IRD is doing its investigati…


(古晋9日讯)民主行动党古晋市国会议员兼哥打圣淘沙州议员张健仁透露,阿德南的反贪污行动,现已成为纳吉政府征税的提款机。 张健仁指出,阿德南于今年5月邀马来西亚反贪委员会与其携手合作,打击非法伐木和木材业的贪污,因而一举冻结超过500间有涉及伐木的公司或个人的银行户口。 当时,反贪委员会副总监表示,该委员会将在两个月时间内结束调查,因为如果这些冻结令超过两个月,砂州的整体经济将受到很大的伤害。 张健仁透露,现在两个月已经过去了。 虽然反贪委员会没有在这些公司的银行户口中找到什么证据以贪污罪名提控他们上法庭,但是,许多这些公司和个人的银行户口仍旧被冻结。 “反贪委员会非但没有如其所承诺的两个月结束调查并解冻这些户口,它反而将这些公司和个人的档案,交给内陆税收局进行另一项调查,而同时间,许多这些公司和个人的银行户口仍被冻结!” 张氏说,根据这些商家的投诉,内陆税收局的官员恫言,他们的调查有可能将为期约一、两年,而在这段时间内,这些银行户口还是要继续被冻结。 内陆税收局的官员也暗示,若要提早解冻户口,除非有关公司就是照内陆税收局所开出的数额,照单全还,它开多少钱你就还多少钱。 这样事情就可很快解决,户口也可很快解冻了。 张健仁表示,这简直就是勒索和光天化日的打抢,也是滥权。 他质问,国库是否已如此空虚,而政府是否已没钱替1MDB还债了? 所以,内陆税收局需要用到如此高压手段找快钱填补国家财政的深洞。 “这些联邦部门现在做的就是用尽不择手段的向砂州的商家和民众榨钱来填补国债的无底洞。 它将严重打击砂州的商业活动、减少就业机会、造成经济衰退,进而影响每个砂州人民。” 张氏指出,目前砂州经济面对3重打击,即,消费税的实施、马币下滑以及反贪会和税收局的大肆冻结户口。 除非砂州政府下令解冻这些户口,不然,接下来情况将更糟糕。 “更何况,今天是木材业的公司被迫害,明天又会是那个行业的公司受对付?” 张健仁形容整个从反贪会调查转成内陆税收局调查的事件为,原本看似崇高的反贪行动和打击非法伐木,现已转成极致丑陋的‘榨钱’行动。 他也质问,这是否有得到阿德南的同意?抑或是阿德南完全无法介入或停止这两个联邦部门迫害砂州经济的行动? “有鉴于砂州的国阵议员人数目前是左右整个联邦政权的‘关键性人数’,也是所谓的造王者的人数,没有阿德南的允许,联邦政府不可能如此肆无忌禅的压迫砂州木材业,甚至打击砂州…


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(吉隆坡訊)民主行動黨宣傳秘書潘儉偉說,該黨推介的“砂拉越之夢”(Impian Sarawak)深入砂州貧困地區後,發現有數所位於偏遠地區的學校竟然長期缺乏水供,以致影響學生的健康,還有學校甚至要學生跟村民共用水供,每6個人才可沖廁一次,以節省用水。 他指出,其中一所是老越縣弄蘇甘國小,該校新校舍原本必須在2013年完工,但早在2009年因政府撥款的經費不足,承包商就半途停工。 “學生不但缺乏水供,也只能在臨時建築裡上課,宿舍也變成學校,而新校舍則早已被荒廢。” 潘儉偉也是八打靈再也北區國會議員,他週五召開記者會說,由於該校向有關單位求助逾年申請水供都沒有下文,所以該黨於6月為學校展開了水供計劃。 “事後也有兩所學校主動聯繫我們,表示他們的學校也是面對同樣問題。” 他提到,弄魯賓國小同樣缺乏水供,並且學生要和村民共用水供。 “那時,我們看到保安負責看管學生上廁所,每6個人才可以沖廁一次。洗手的話,則會把用過的水拿桶裝起來,循環再使用,以節省用水。” 他表示不解,為何一個國家連提供基本設施給一所學校也做不到,還要影響學生。 “砂拉越之夢”發動每人捐50運動 他透露,“砂拉越之夢”在當地和沙巴已完成15個水供計劃,他們也提供不同援助,包括鋪路、建設其他設施、醫療和教育等,接下來的目標是為數所缺乏水供的學校提供協助,且需要籌集50萬令吉的資金。 對此,他宣布“砂拉越之夢”將發動一人捐50令吉籌款運動,希望熱心人士協助提升砂拉越鄉村地區和貧困農民的福祉和基本設施。 有意捐款者,可轉賬至“Impian Malaysia”,戶頭號碼是514196659143(MAYBANK)。任何有意瞭解“砂拉越之夢”的人士,可以到http://impiansarawak/com查看。 火箭:砂藍眼表明立場後才合作 民主行動黨砂州聯委會主席兼古晉區國會議員張健仁強調,該黨的立場清晰,即不和任何與伊斯蘭黨有關的組織合作,因此只要砂拉越州人民公正黨不表明立場是否和伊斯蘭黨斷交,該黨絕不和公正黨合作。 他在記者會上被詢及有關砂州公正黨指責該州行動黨不合作一事時,這麼回應。 他認為,整件事情是因伊斯蘭黨而鬧出風波,之後行動黨領袖宣布斷交消息後,如今球是在砂州公正黨的腳下,就視乎到底要與伊斯蘭黨絕交還是繼續結盟。

Authorities’ resistance disrupting DAP’s bid to aid connectivity in Sarawak outskirts

DAP's project to help Sarawakian communities in need of basic infrastructure aids has begun drawing resistance from authorities in the state, disrupting the ambitious Impian Sarawak programme which the party believes has been successful since it was launched two years ago. Recently, their attempts to build a gravity feed to enable water access to a remote school in Lawas was met with objection from the district's education department officials. But thanks to the persistence of the head of the school's parents and teachers association (PTA), Impian Sarawak saw the project through after the former wrote in to education department officials demanding they undertake the project if they do not want Impian Sarawak to be involved. SK Long Sukang did not have water connectivity ever since a small landslide halted its construction, forcing students to study in makeshift classes in the boarding building.
The rebuilding of the school, highlighted in the Auditor General's report i…