National Security Council Act, an Act to further curtail Sarawak’s Autonomy and position. Yet it is supported by the Sarawak BN

The passing of the National Security Council (NSC) Act is yet another strong proof that the BN Sarawak has to toe the line of Najib and its UMNO counterparts in Parliament. It also exposes the hypocrisy of SUPP.
The SUPP President Dr Sim has on numerous occasions issued press statements expressing his objection to the said NSC Act on the ground that the provisions are unfair to Sarawak. Yet, at crunch time, when the Bill was put to vote in the Parliament, he and his BN Sarawak colleagues were all in full support for the Bill. It is with the BN Sarawak Members of Parliament’s support that the NSC Bill was passed by the Parliament and became an Act.
It is clear that the provisions of the NSC Act are aimed to counter the autonomy demands of Sarawak.
Under the NSC Act, the members of the National Security Council comprises the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, Defence Minister, Home Affairs Minister, Communication and Multimedia Minister, Chief Secretary to the Government, Chief of Defence Force and Inspector General of Police.
The Council is empowered under the Act to declare any area in Malaysia to be a “security area” based on what the Council deems as detrimental to territorial integrity, socio-political stability, economic stability, national unity, etc.
Under the Act, once a place is declared “security area”, the Security Forces will move in and shall have power to arrest people and search and seize property without any Court warrant. They can even use what they deem necessary force against anyone in the name of carrying out their duties.
Basically, the power to declare an area “security area” is similar to the power to impose curfew in the heydays of the insurgency or threats by the Communists. But under the Act, the power now lies in the hand of the Prime Minister and his Council members.
I can list out a few real examples where the Act can be used to justify suppression by the Federal Government against Sarawak, especially on our autonomy movement in Sarawak:
1. Sarawak Government demands for 20% Oil and Gas Royalties.
• The Prime Minister may use the excuse that the 20% royalty to Sarawak will greatly reduce the revenue of the Federal Government and thereby cause economic instability to the country, and thus suppress all demands for 20% Oil and Gas Royalties.
2. Sarawak Government wishes to implement English as the second official language of the State.
• The Prime Minister may use the excuse that it will undermine the status of the Bahasa Malaysia and thereby affect the socio-political stability of the country or even use the excuse of affecting “national unity” to go against the State Government’s said decision.
3. Sarawak demands for more autonomy.
• The Prime Minister may use the excuse that it affects the socio-political stability of the country and declare Sarawak as a “security area” whereby the Security Forces will take over the running of the State.
4. There are currently some demands for independence of Sarawak.
• The answer to that will be the Prime Minister using the excuse under “territorial integrity” to declare Sarawak as a “security area”.
In gist, the NSC Act is an Act to undemocratically suppress any autonomy demands and movement in Sarawak. The Opposition (except for some PAS MPs) opposed the Bill strongly. All the BN MPs supported the Bill, including the Sarawak BN’s MPs.
The BN MP’s support for the Bills is despite the numerous press statements outside Parliament by Dr. Sim that the Bill is “UNFAIR TO SARAWAK”.
Adenan’s heroic image in Sarawak is also dented by the passing of the Bills. He may be the No.1 hero in Sarawak having the courage to speak up against the UMNO, but ultimately, when his MPs go to Parliament, they have to toe the UMNO’s line, to the detriment of Sarawak’s interest.
Of course, at present, the Federal BN Government will not use the NSC Act to suppress Sarawak on the demand for 20% Royalty and the autonomy movement. This is mainly because such movement in Sarawak is actually helping the BN to divert Sarawkian’s attention on the RM2.6 billion donation and 1MDB scandals ofNajib.
If one day, the autonomy movement takes a more tangible form and poses a threat to the Federal Government, then the foundation for suppression has been laid and the NSC Act will be used to suppress such movement.
As the Chief Minister of Sarawak and also a lawyer, there is no reason that Adenan is unaware of the potential threat of the NSC to Sarawak. Then, why is he allowing his Members of Parliament from Sarawak BN support the NSC Act?
Chong Chieng Jen
MP for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa