Chong, Tan receive charge sheets, summoned to court Dec 14

Chong (fourth right, facing the camera) leafs though the summons served by a police officer at DAP headquarters.
KUCHING: Two police officers dropped by at DAP headquarters at about 10am today supposedly to serve Bandar Kuching MP Chong Chieng Jen a summons attached with a charge sheet.
However, the authority came with only the summons without the charge sheet.
The officer who was seen to serve the summons seemed to be clueless when Chong asked about the charge sheet.
In the end, the two officers had to leave the headquarters to collect the charge sheet in order to serve it together with the summons on Chong.
Chong told reporters that the summons clearly stated that a charge sheet was attached and yet the police brought the summons without the attachment.
Chong managed to leaf through the summons which requested him to be in court by 9am tomorrow (Dec 14).
Police then came back to DAP headquarters within half an hour to serve Chong and Stampin MP Julian Tan summons and charge sheet.
The summons and charge sheet were allegedly about Chong’s participation in the Bersih 4 rally. To this, Chong said it was political persecution.
Police came back to DAP headquarters within half an hour to serve Chong (second left) and Stampin MP Julian Tan (second right) summons and charge sheet.
On theborneopost December 13, 2015, Sunday