Adenan’s conditional “Re-consider loyalty to Najib” statement is in fact a Re-affirmation of his loyalty to Najib

 Adenan’s announcement yesterday that “if Najib is found guilty of 1MDB-related offences, Sarawak BN will re-consider their loyalty to him” is full of rhetoric and amounts to nothing.

There are 3 points in his statement that show clearly that Adenan is and will remain the strong supporter of Najib:

1. If Najib is found guilty, Najib will no longer be the Prime Minister and no one in BN, be it Sarawak or nationwide will be loyal to him anyway.

2. As is the current situation, although Najib is not found guilty in Court, what he has done, especially his RM2.6 billion scandal, defies all principles of good and transparent governance. Even in the corrupt UMNO, there are now growing numbers of grass-root members who can’t tolerate his misdeeds and are openly calling for his resignation. 
Yet, Adenan has to wait for a conviction by Court for him to re-consider his loyalty to Najib. This clearly goes against Adenan’s talk about clean and good governance.

3. It is obvious that Najib is now having full control over the enforcement and other administrative agencies in the country. It is almost unthinkable that Najib will be charged in court, a fortiori, that he will be convicted. Adenan cannot be so naïve as to think that there is even a slightest chance of Najib being charged in Court.

What is even worse than the 1MDB misdeed of Najib is the RM2.6 billion deposited into his personal account which, until today, Najib has no explanation from whom such money was given and to whom the same amount was paid.

In any other democratic country, a political leader involved in such scandal would have long resigned. However, in Malaysia, instead of the political leader resigning, it is the whistle-blowers and the investigating officers who are penalised, including the banning of Tony Pua from leaving Malaysia and from entering Sarawak.

Instead of showing any sign of remorse after the expose of the scandal, Najib sacked those who questioned him and further consolidated his stranglehold to the position. 
He even tabled the National Security Council Bill in Parliament so as to give him more power, including the power to declare any place “a security area” which is tantamount to declaring “state of emergency” where police and army will have absolute power to arrest anyone and seize anything.

Adenan’s statement yesterday, on the face of it, is appealing to the people of Sarawak who dislike Najib and UMNO. However, if one were to read between the lines, Adenan is actually re-affirming his support to Najib, for the mere reason that Najib will never be found guilty so long as he remains the Prime Minister.

Chong Chieng Jen
Member of Parliament for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa