10 Questions for Adenan Satem

Chong Chieng Jen’s 10 Questions for Adenan Satem
1. Of the 500 companies and individuals whose accounts were frozen in May this year for being suspected of having committed illegal logging activities, how many of them were prosecuted in Court of Law, their names and the relevant provision of the law under which they were prosecuted? I heard many of them had their files transferred to Inland Revenue Department where they were held ransom to pay hefty tax failing which their accounts will continued to be frozen for another two to three years. Is this war against illegal logging or robbing the Rakyat?
1. 今年5月,有超过500间公司和个人的户口,因为涉嫌非法伐木活动,而被冻结。 至今,这些被冻结户口的公司或个人,有多少已被提控上法庭? 他们是谁? 政府是援引什么法令提控他们上法庭? 据我所知,许多这些公司和私人的档案,被转移去内陆税收局,而他们被逼还几十万的税,不然的话,内陆税收局威胁将继续冻结他们的户口多几年。 这是在打击非法伐木还是在“洗劫”人民?
2. In August, 2015, Adenan slammed the maritime agency for the Sarawak deep-sea fishing debacle. It was in respect of the deep-sea fishing licences in the state issued by the Agricultural and Agro-Based Industries Ministry which have been leased to foreigners to “steal our fishes”. Adenan called for the revocation of these fishing licences. How many of these licences have been cancelled?
2. 今年8月,阿德南公开抨击海事局有关砂州深海捕鱼业的困境。 这是有关农业及农基业部门所发的深海捕鱼执照,被租借给外国渔民到砂州“偷捕鱼”。 阿德南呼吁农业及农基业部吊销这些深海捕鱼执照。 至今,多少这些执照已经被吊销了?
3. In October, 2014, Adenan has declared an all-out war against cyber-gambling. Why are there still so many gambling outlets with the “monkey games” and “fish machines” in Kuching and other major cities and towns in the State, operating under the entertainment or club licences issued by the local councils and Kementerian Dalam Negeri?
3. 2014年10月,阿德南向网赌中心全面宣战。 为何至今还是如此多“猴子游戏”和“打鱼机”的网赌中心在古晋市及其他砂州的主要城镇,以市议会或内政部所发的娱乐执照和俱乐部执照,泛滥的营业?
4. In mid-2014, Adenan has launched an all-out war against illegal logging last year. Since then, how many timber licencees or contractors have been prosecuted and convicted in Court for engaging in illegal logging activities? How many of these offenders involve the timber concessions of the Sarawak BIG 6 timber companies which controls 9.2 million acres of timber concession areas?
4. 2014年,阿德南向非法伐木全面宣战。 至今,有多少伐木执照持有者或承包商被提控上法庭及被定罪。 若有,这些犯法者有多少是与操控砂州920万英亩森林伐木执照的砂6大伐木公司有关?
5. In September, 2014, Adenan has started the Integrity Pledge for all his cabinet members. Since then, how many of his cabinet ministers are found to have property and assets and living the life-style way beyond the means of their ministerial salaries? What action has been or will be taken against them?
5. 2014年9月,阿德南与他的内阁成员签署《廉洁宣言》。 至今,有多少他的内阁部长的资产或生活方式,是远远超出他们部长薪酬可负担的? 对他们,阿德南是否会采取什么行动?
6. As the saying goes, birds of the same feather flock together. Given that Najib is a political leader full of financial scandals, with even a political “DONATION” of RM2.6 billion into his personal account, WHY is Adenan still supporting and associating himself with a political leader of such nature?
6. 俗语有曰,物以类聚。 既然纳吉是一位丑闻缠身的政治领袖,甚至收取26亿令吉私人政治捐款,为何阿德南还是支持及与此类政治领袖为伍?
7. Adenan has been giving excuses that many approvals for alienation of State land to BN cronies have been granted before his tenure as the Chief Minister. What can Adenan do to cancel such approvals or make good the damage done by the land-grabbing policy under the previous administration, so that Adenan will not be perceived as still being under the control of the previous Chief Minister?
7. 根据最近阿德南所透露的,许多政府地是由上任首长廉价批出的。 阿德南是否能撤销这些批地的决定,或如何抵消这类“掠地”政策,以免阿德南继续被视为仍处在上任首长的控制下?
8. Adenan has been talking about the need to improve the English standard of our children. Besides going along with the Federal policy on education which continues to emphasize the study of Bahasa Malaysia and waiting endlessly for the so-called “devolution of power” which never comes, what else can Adenan do?
8. 阿德南不断强调砂州子女必须提升英语水平。 除了守株待兔的干等那不会被联邦下放的教育自主权,而同时让我们的子女继续成为国家教育政策的牺牲品,阿德南还能做什么?
9. Since Adenan became the Chief Minister for Sarawak in February 2014, we have had 2 federal budgets presented in Parliament. Despite the loud and strong words used by Adenan complaining that Sarawak has been “anaktirikan”, the development fund allocated for Sarawak by the Federal Government remains disproportionately and unreasonably low. What Adenan can do to get more development fund from the Federal Government other than continue begging and begging and waiting in vain?
9. 自阿德南于2014年2月成为砂州首席部长之后,已经历了2个联邦政府的财政预算案。 阿德南不断的强烈抗议砂州被联邦当“私生子”的不公平对待,但是,联邦政府给予砂州的拨款仍是少之又少。 除了不断的“祈求”和“祈求”及空等之外,阿德南还能做些什么?
10. The people of Sarawak are suffering from the escalating costs of living as a result of the implementation of GST and the drop in value of Ringgit. The little effect of the small decrease in electricity tariffs has been neutralized by the implementation of the GST. Given that the Sarawak Government has RM27 billion reserves, what can Adenan do to lighten the financial burden on the people and businesses of Sarawak?
10. 因为消费税的实行和马币贬值所造成的百货通胀,人民生活于水深火热中。 砂州政府之前降低的电费率,在消费税实行之后,许多人民并没有感到有减轻负担。 既然砂州政府自夸有270亿令吉的储备金,阿德南能做些什么来减轻砂州人民和商家的经济负担?