Adenan should not keep promising the moon, but to act now on matters which he has the power to do.

Adenan should not keep promising the moon, but to act now on matters which he has the power to do.
I am referring to the UEC recognition issue which Adenan promised with many attached conditions and technicalities yet to be sorted out.
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The simple facts is that Sarawak State Government has the absolute power in the employment of state civil service and the award scholarship by the state-owned trust funds.
If the Sarawak State Government is sincere about giving recognition to the UEC, a simple directive from Adenan will suffice.
On these two matters, there is no need to consult the Federal Government and the Federal Government has no say at all. That is also the reason why I only mentioned the recognition of UEC in these two respect in the Sarawak DUN sittings earlier this year.
In the recent announcement from the government, in addition to the two matters, Adenan brought in the admission to Unimas as an additional item for recognition of UEC, knowing full well that admission to university is in fact a federal matter.
With the inclusion of this additional item which is not under the State’s jurisdiction, Adenan’s administration is now also delaying the implementation of the other two matters which are within the State’s jurisdiction.
What Adenan should do is to take immediate action on matters which he has power to do while the so-called discussion with the Federal Government on matters outside his jurisdiction can go on.
For the Sarawak State Government to recognise the UEC, all that Adenan needs to do is to issue a circular to all State Government agencies stating that the UEC is the equivalent of STPM and that a credit in Bahasa Malaysia under the UEC is the equivalent of a credit in SPM Bahasa Malaysia.
There should also not be any additional requirement that UEC holders must also get a credit in SPM Bahasa Malaysia for them to be eligible to be employed as State civil servants.
At the moment, the Education Ministry does not allow Chinese Middle School students to sit for SPM Bahasa Malaysia single subject examination. The inclusion of this condition by Adenan will compel the Chinese Middle Schools students to sit for both UEC and the SPM examinations.
While the Chinese Middle Schools boards are talking about discussing with the Education Ministry to allow the students to sit for SPM single-subject BM examination, this will unnecessarily delay the recognition of UEC.
In principle, it is also wrong that on the one hand, the State Government claims to recognise UEC but on the other hand, the State Government does not recognise the results of UEC for Bahasa Malaysia subject.
Similar circular can also be issued to Yayasan Sarawak to specify that holders of UEC are eligible to apply for scholarship like all STPM certificate holders.
If Adenan is sincere about the State Government giving recognition to UEC, there should be some UEC holders (without SPM BM credit) being employed by the State Government by January, 2016.
Therefore, I urge Adenan to act now on matters which he has power, and not bring in matters outside his jurisdiction and delay the implementation of matters which he has absolute power.