Sarawak Continues to be Marginalised under 11th Malaysia Plan Despite Adenan’s Promises


The 11th Malaysia Plan (11MP) tabled by Adenan Satem is no difference from the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP) in terms of allocation of fund for Sarawak.
In yesterday Adenan’s speech in Sarawak DUN, he informed DUN that the total allocation of fund by the Federal Government for Sarawak under the 10MP was RM18.5 billion.
“ This allocation is made up of Federal Fund totalling RM18.8 billion to implement 1,529 projects and State Fund of RM18.5 billion to implement 1,114 projects.”
(p.9, 3rd para of Hansard)
He also informed Sarawak DUN that the total allocation of Federal Fund for Sarawak under the 11MP will be RM20 billion.
“ The approved allocation for the State Eleventh Malaysia is RM20 billion to implement 915 projects. So, our contribution is not very far from what we ask from the Federal Government. I hope they will give us as much as we will give. Not give less than what we want to spend ourselves on Eleventh Malaysia Plan.”
(p.21, 1st para of Hansard)
10th Malaysia Plan(2011 – 2015)
Total Federal allocation for Sarawak --RM18.8 billion
Average annual Federal Allocation for Sarawak --RM3.76 billion
11th Malaysia Plan (2016 – 2020)
Total Federal allocation for Sarawak --RM20 billion
Average annual Federal Allocation for Sarawak --RM4 billion
All the allocation under the Malaysia Plans are allocated through the annual government Budget presented in Parliament. As the allocation set for Sarawak under the 10MP is 18.8 billion, therefore, on average, Sarawak will be getting about RM3.76 billion a year over the period of 5 years under the 10MP.
For the past 5 years, the annual Development Expenditure under the Federal Government’s Budget is about RM50 billion. Sarawak is only getting about RM3.76 billion each year which is only a meagre 7.5% of the Federal Government’s Development Expenditure budget.
Despite Adenan’s repeated claim that he will not allow the Federal Government to continue marginalise Sarawak, the figure in the 11MP speaks otherwise.
Even assuming the Federal Government honours the pledges under the 11MP, which is RM4 billion per year, and that the Development Expenditure maintains at RM50 billion per year without any increment, Sarawak will be getting only 8% of the Federal Development Expenditure.
With the land mass of Sarawak constituting more than 1/3rd of Malaysia land mass, how can Adenan expect this 8% Development Expenditure to enable Sarawak to catch up with the level of development in West Malaysia?
Furthermore, given the inflation rate, the real value of RM20 billion for year 2016 – 2020 is well below the real value of RM18.8 billion for the year 2011 – 2015.
With such figures, for Adenan to claim that the Federal Government is now placing more importance in Sarawak, he is either being plain naïve or trying to fool the people of Sarawak.
In fact it is an irony that despite speaking out so strongly against “marginalisation of Sarawak”, Adenan himself tabled the 11MP which marginalise Sarawak.
Sarawak has been taken for a ride by the Barisan Nasional Government for more than 52 years and the 11MP is no difference from the previous 10 Malaysia Plans. The marginalisation will continue and Sarawak will continue to be backward so long as BN continues to be the government.
Therefore, in the interest of Sarawak, Sarawak BN must withdraw from the National BN. At present, Sarawak BN has the number to tilt the balance of power at Federal level and UMNO is also at its weakest in the nation’s history, it is the best time for Adenan to make the move.
Therefore, I call upon Adenan to be frank with the people of Sarawak and not try to sweet-talk his way out of the reality. Otherwise, he is a just an accomplice to such marginalisation.