Donate RM50 to Ubah Sarawak

Often though while we have our chai latte on one hand and smartphone on the other, we forgot that many places on the other side of Malaysia are still far-fetched from our big cities, where we could enjoy things that we often take for granted. We assumed water and electric supply will be there for sure; all you need is to apply and pay for the meters, and the rest ismagic.

But in a lot of rural places in Sarawak, most of the time one's wish is simple but often non existent-
"Please, we need water supply" or
"I wish we have road access, so my sick mother can be drive down to clinic instead of being physically carried down" or
" Diesel for generator cost almost RM 300 a month, and that's only for few hours at night. Perhaps solar lamp will help us save a lot of money, and my children can study at night too."

So whenever you are sitting in a hipster cafe, sipping away your freshly brewed coffee, remember- some of our friends in Sarawak could only dream to have such luxury one day.

As little as RM50 (5 cups of coffee) , you can help us return their basic rights as a Malaysian citizen who deserves to enjoy the basic infrastructures as much as we do.

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