“Terima kasih kerana sudi mengajar kami. Adakah kem pendidikan akan diadakan bulan Sembilan nanti?” asked an eager­ 12-year-old boy right after attending the Impian Reading Camp in Miri recently.
The boy is one of many who do not attend school for various reasons. The children are very excited that we will be conducting an Education Camp there in September.
Will you join us in making this camp really special for them? If you would like to bring a smile to their faces, then sign up here:
If you have enquiries, email us at before 16 August 2015.
Volunteers will help facilitate our activity-based programmes focusing in English, Mathematics & Science and multiple intelligence games.
You will assist our team in various ways: admin tasks, logistics planning, F&B arrangements and even taking photographs.
Your expenses will include your own transport arrangements to Miri Airport and a one-off contribution fee of RM150 that covers food, accommodation, insurance and return ground transfer between Miri Airport and Kpg. Pasir.