Adenan must withdraw his “Sarawak supports Najib” statement

The Low Yat brawl is a product of the racialist politics played up by UMNO over the past 58 years, putting the blame of every and any wrong in the country on racial grounds. As such, even a simple theft case can be turned into a racial conflict by some sector with their secret agenda.
To give just a few recent examples of this “blame it on the race” culture of the UMNO Government:
1. When the Government implemented GST causing a general increase in the prices of goods, the UMNO leaders blame it on the Chinese traders for being unscrupulous;
2. When it is the UMNO policies that created few super-rich Malay tycoons while causing the majority of the Malays poor, the UMNO politicians blame it on the Chinese for controlling the economy. In fact, most of the banks and financial institutions, the major GLCs like Tenaga, Petronas, Bernas, etc. are controlled by the UMNOputras and the UMNO cronies. These GLCs are the ones that constantly exploit the poor, making the poor poorer.
The classic case of the “blame it on the race” comes from Najib himself when he lost the 52% popular votes in the General Elections in 2013. Najib puts the blame on the Chinese which constitute less than 30% of the population.
It is through all these bad leadership examples and the implicit condoning and fanning of racial sentiment by the UMNO leaders that ultimately a simple theft case can turn into a racial brawl.
Today, Najib is also blaming the use of internet and social media to fan racial sentiment, probably trying to justify the implementation of more stringent control on social media in times to come.
I, however, would like to see internet, handphones and social media as the tools to defuse the racial tension in this matter.
One or two person with some secret agenda may be able to mobilise 200 people and try to incite racial tension and riot, but it was the internet, handphones and social media that save the day by exposing the fact that it was a simple theft case, at the very first instance. It is by exposing the true nature of the incident (a mere theft case) that has helped calm sentiment of Malaysians at large.
Though we Sarawak is separated from the Semenanjung by the South China Sea, we are not free from the UMNO policies and influence. These racialist sentiment has gradually sipped into Sarawak through Federal Government policies, RTM programs, education policies and BN propaganda.
When we treasure our racial harmony, our State leaders should tell Najib that we do not condone the racial politics played by UMNO. It must be made clear to Najib that it was Najib and his UMNO people who have laid the foundation for the racial tension and riot manifested in the Low Yat brawl.
As such, Adenan must withdraw his “Sarawak supports Najib” statement. BN Sarawak must also withdraw from the UMNO-controlled BN in order that the racialist policies and influence of the UMNO will not spread to Sarawak through the Federal Government policies, education policies and other BN propagandas.