DewanUndanganNegeri sitting should not be reduced just to suit the Deputy Prime Minister visit in Sibu

Since I was elected as an ADUN for Kota Sentosa, the DUN sitting has always started on Monday, lasting 8 days.
When we first received the notice of meeting few weeks ago, notifying that the coming meeting will start on 21-4-2015 (Tuesday) and will last for only 7 days, we feel that something is amiss. It is only today when we read in the papers that the reason for cutting short one day of the sitting is so that the Ministers can accompany the DPM in his visit to Sibu.
This is the most ridiculous and outrageous reason for curtailing the time for DUN sitting.
Is it not more important to discuss the PEOPLE’s matter in DUN than to put up a good attendance for the DPM’s visit?
Many a time, we, the DAP ADUNs, find that the time allowed for our debate is grossly insufficient to raise all the issues that we intend to raise. With one day taken out, we will have even less time in this sitting to raise the issues.
The BN government has gotten the priority all wrong. It is for the DPM to arrange his visiting schedule to suit the DUN sitting rather than the whole of the DUN Sarawak to arrange its meeting time to suit the DPM’s visit.
What the State Government did is to relegate the importance of DUN sitting to be second to the DPM’s visit. This is not giving due respect to the highest law-making body of the State and it is also not doing justice to the Rakyat of Sarawak who elected the government of the day.
Even if the DPM cannot change his visiting schedule, it would suffice to have one or two ministers to accompany him while the rest attend the DUN sitting. There is absolutely no need for the whole cabinet to accompany the DPM throughout his visit, thereby sacrificing the time to discuss People’s business in DUN.
It should always be kept in mind of the Government that DUN sitting should be given the highest priority over all other government businesses or programs, be it the Federal or State Government businesses or programs.
We hope this is the last time that DUN sitting is ridiculed in such manner.

Chong Chieng Jen
MP for Bandar Kuching
ADUN for Kota Sentosa