S'wak DAP quits Pakatan

DAP Sarawak regrets that PAS has deviated from the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) common policy framework by pursuing the implementation of hudud law in Malaysia.
The passing of the hudud law in Kelantan and the attempted tabling of a Private Member’s Bill in Parliament by PAS President for the implementation of hudud law are not only violation of the Malaysia Agreement and the Federal Constitution, but will ultimately undermine the existence of Malaysia as a country.
In 1963, Sarawak joined to form Malaysia on the fundamental understanding that Malaysia was and will continue to be a secular country. Till this day, Sarawak has no official religion.
The political game played between UMNO and PAS in the Kelantan hudud law episode has shown clearly that Sarawak is no place for the politics of both UMNO and PAS. Such irresponsible political maneuvering by PAS and UMNO will not only lead to the break-up of PR but may also break up Barisan Nasional (BN). It is a blatant disregard of the Treatise in the formation of Malaysia in 1963 and thus may ultimately lead to the break-up of Malaysia as a nation.
If both PAS and UMNO were to persist in pursuing the implementation of hudud law in Malaysia or any State in Malaysia, this will add fuel to the secession sentiment in Sarawak for the simple reason that in 1963, Sarawak did not join to form a nation which implement hudud law.
Therefore, so long as the implementation of hudud law remains the political agenda and aim of PAS, DAP Sarawak can no longer work with PAS as a political party in Sarawak.
As such, with PAS remaining as a component party of PR Sarawak, DAP Sarawak has today resolved and made the painful decision to quit from PR Sarawak.

Let it be known that this resolution of DAP Sarawak is a unanimous decision of the Sarawak DAP State Committee and that under the DAP party structure, Sarawak DAP has the autonomy to make such decision. We believe our decision today is also the wishes of the large majority of the people in Sarawak.
DAP Sarawak has also resolved as follows:
1. We call on Najib not to delay in making his stand and UMNO’s stand on the implementation of hudud law in Malaysia or any state in Malaysia given that 12 UMNO Kelantan State Assemblymen have openly supported the passing of hudud law in Kelantan State Assembly.
2. While Najib remains indecisive and silent on his and UMNO’s stand on this issue, we call upon all political parties which support secularism in Malaysia and the fundamental principles of the Federal Constitution to explore the possibility of a coalition government to replace the existing Barisan Nasional which is dictated by UMNO.
3. Hudud law is not the one and only issue in the Country. More energy and attention should be channelled to address the economic plights of the people resulting from the implementation of GST, escalating costs of living, depreciating Ringgit and economic slowdown, the rampant corruption in government administration, increasing criminal activities and the deteriorating standard of education.

DAP Sarawak State Committee