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‘Adopt independent education system to overcome Umno’s influence in Sarawak’


DAP Sarawak chairman Chong Chieng Jen has claimed that the current education syllabus drafted by officials in the federal government has 'poisoned' the current and younger generation in the state with racial and religious polemics. 
SUBANG JAYA, Dec 14, 2014:
Despite several proposals for independent systems to be set up, DAP Sarawak stressed it was against the East Malaysia state from seceding from the Malaysian Federation.
Its chairman Chong Chieng Jen, however, said the sentiments of those who wanted to secede from the country must be addressed.
The Bandar Kuching Member of Parliament suggested that in order to become an equal partner in the federation, DAP Sarawak proposed that the state should adopt an autonomous education system to do away with Umno’s influence should it win the state’s election next year.
Chong said despite Sarawak not being influenced by Umno from a political sphere, its influence remained within the contents of the national education syllabus.

“Sarawak is the last state without any Umno influence. However despite the racial harmony in the state, Umno through its federal-appointed officers have usurped influence and have made a mess in the state,” he told delegates at the DAP annual general assembly, at One City, here today.
Chong claimed the current education syllabus drafted by the officials in the federal government “poisoned” the current and younger generation in the state with racial and religious polemics.
Saying that the matter had been incorporated when the DAP state wing announced it at the Bintulu Declaration 2014 recently, Chong also called for autonomy in the areas of health care and medicine as well as policing without further elaborating on the reasons.
“However to ensure that it happens, the state needs funds.”
This, he explained, could be done by ensuring that 50% of taxpayers’ money collected from Sarawak is channelled back to the East Malaysia state.
Chong pointed out that in 1963, such a practice was implemented when Singapore was part of Malaysia, hence it was doable and not impossible.
He added in acquiring autonomous power in Sarawak, it would continue to strengthen its existing diversity.
on The Raykat Post(14/12/2014)