Fuel hike will hurt S'wak's rural dwellers

Eighty percent of Sarawak's 2.6 million population are expected to be hit hard by the petrol and diesel pump price increase of 20 sen per litre effectively.

Sarawak DAP chief Chong Chieng Jen said that the hike will have a knock on effect on the mostly rural dwellers, who are mostly subsistence farmers and fishermen.

He said that the hike would significantly impact the transportation costs of goods used daily by the group which the government has identified as the nation’s poorest.

"This is the price we pay for the continuous incessant wastages, corruption and cronyism practised by the BN government," Chong (left) said in a press conference.

He said that the continual reduction of petrol subsidy, resulting in higher pump prices, is due to "wastages, corruption, and cronyism".

He said that this is clear as Malaysia is blessed with natural resources, and yet its people are struggling.
"Because of wastages, corruption and cronyism, we are actually living in high cost of living, but with low income. This is our dilemma," he said.

Highest among oil producing nations

He said that Malaysian consumers pay the most for petrol and diesel, compared to other oil producing countries.
"We are not only pay expensive petrol, but our car prices are a lot more than prices in other countries.  For those who have cars, this is double exploitation," he added.

He added that the government can also no longer justify the subsidy cut by citing rising subsidy costs, as crude oil prices have actually gone down by 10 percent.

"And yet the government has increased RON95 and diesel prices by 10 percent," he said

He said that at US$90 (RM292.93) per barrel, Malaysia is still making a profit as a net oil exporter.

Failure to channel the profits to maintain petrol subsidies for local consumers, he says, shows that the coffers are running low due to perpetual wastages.

on the Malaysiakini (2/10/2014)