DAP urges state govt to nullify ‘lopsided’ deal over land at MJC Batu Kawah

The state DAP has called on the state government to nullify its agreement with a private company for the purported alienation of a 260-acre land opposite MJC Batu Kawa.
Its chairman Chong Chieng Jen said the parcel of land was estimated to be worth around RM500 million at market value but an agreement has been reached that it will be sold to the company at only RM115 million.
He has given State Secretary Tan Sri Datuk Amar Morshidi Abdul Ghani 10 days to clarify the matter but received no response thus far.
“I’ve personally read through the agreement, which was signed by Morshidi on behalf of the state government and two directors of the company, and there are a lot of uncertainties in it,” the Kota Sentosa assemblyman told a press conference at his party’s headquarters yesterday.
According to him, the main features of the agreement were that the government would alienate the land for RM115 million the company did not have to pay.
“The company will instead build two orphanage buildings – one in Lawas and one in Mukah – and the lands will be provided and notified by the government.
“In addition to this, it is also agreed that the company will also build a premises for Association of Wives of Ministers and Assistant Ministers of Sarawak (Sabati) at Jalan Bako here,” he said, adding that the lands for these three buildings had been alienated.
“The value of these buildings will be estimated by Public Works Department and if the cost surpasses RM115 million, the government would have to pay the company the extra.”
Chong said that this was a “totally lopsided agreement” whereby the government and the people in general had been taken for a ride by the company.
“However, the government has the legal right to nullify this agreement because of the uncertainties and unreasonableness and I call upon Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem to take action by cancelling this agreement,” Chong said.
on Borneo Post (3/10/2014)