Response to Selangor MB Crisis

雪州卡立的事件,虽然是非常不幸,但是,这是任何组织都可能面对的问题。 就把它视为民联“净化”和“进化”的成长过程。 

暴风雨过后,终究会有风和日丽的到来。 几个领袖的叛变,只是历史的过程。 最重要民主行动党本质和原则不变,宗旨贯彻始终。

The Khalid incidence in Selangor is unfortunate, but it is something that could happen to any organisation. Look at it as a growing process of "filtering" and "progressing".

There is always the calm after a storm. The betrayal by a few leaders is just the passage of history. The most important thing is that the core values and principles of DAP do not change and that we stick to them till the end.