1. That the decision of PAS Kelantan to work together with the Federal Government for the implementation of the hudud law in Kelantan is not only against the common manifesto of the Pakatan Rakyat during the 13th General Elections, but also against the fundamental principle and spirit of the Federal Constitution and Malaysia Agreement.

2. That DAP Sarawak expresses deep regrets on the silence and non-committal on the part of PKR on such act by PAS against the common policies and spirit of the PR.

3. That unless PAS Malaysia revert to the common policies stated in the PR’s 13th General Election Manifesto and that PAS Sarawak openly resolve that it shall not pursue the implementation of hudud law in Sarawak, DAP Sarawak shall withdraw from Pakatan Rakyat Sarawak. Unless such conditions were fulfilled, DAP Sarawak shall refrain from holding or participating in any event organized under the name of PR or PAS.



1. 吉兰丹伊斯兰党与联邦政府合作欲在吉兰丹落实伊斯兰刑事法典举动,不只违背了民联3党在2014年全国大选联合宣言的共同政策大纲,也违背了马来西亚联邦宪法和马来西亚合约的基本原则和精神。

2. 砂拉越民主行动对于公正党针对此课题采取沉默和模棱两可的立场,表示遗憾。

3. 除非伊斯兰党重回民联在第13届国选民联3党联合宣言的共同政策和精神,且砂州伊斯兰党宣布放弃在砂拉越推行伊斯兰刑事法的目标,砂拉越民主行动党将退出砂民联。 在这两项条件实现之前,砂拉越民主行动党将停止参与任何以民联或伊斯兰党名义所举办的活动。