Chong defends DAP's signature campaign,rebuts SEB's claim

Sarawak Energy Berhad (SEB) is trying to divert the issues brought up by DAP in the “Fairer Electricity Policy” signature campaign.

In SEB’s press statement today released by its chief of corporate services,Aishah Eden, SEB is trying to confuse SEB’s employees and the public about the DAP’s signature campaign.

As such, I hereby reiterate the 3 objectives of the said campaign, namely:

1.         to lower the electricity tariff by 30%;

2.         to reduce the power outages by ensuring constant and regular upgrade and maintenance of the transmission and distribution network; and

3.         to stop employing the expatriates at sky-high salaries.

In reply to SEB Aishah Eden’s statementtaday, I have the following points to make:

1.       SEB is trying to link electricity theft cases to the DAP’s campaign.  This is the most sinister and irresponsible tactic.  Electricity theft and electricity tariffs are two separate issues.

          DAP has made it clear both inside and outside DUN Sarawak that DAP do not condone electricity theft but we also do not agree with SESCO oppressing and over-charging the innocents on the pretext of meter-tempering when there is no proof of such tempering except Sesco’s own words.

          In fact, lowering electricity tariffs will, to a certain extent, discourage electricity theft.

2.       The information booklet distributed by the SEB’s top management contains many half-truth.  It is a propaganda document, not an information document.

          The said booklet does not disclose the account figures and the huge profits of Sesco and SEB.  It also does not specify the procurement process and details of the projects undertaken by SEB.  It only contains some vague allegations and threats like “many will lose their jobs if tariff slashed”, which is not true.

          Why is SEB afraid of disclosing the full account figures to its 4000-strong employees? Surely, as employees, they have the rights to know the profits and workings of the company. 

In fact, as SEB and Sesco is 100% government-owned company, all Sarawakian has the rights to know the full details of its accounts.

3.       The top management of SEB has vested interest to campaign against the DAP’s signature campaign because amongst them are the 6 expatriates whose combined salary cum allowance is approximately RM10 million.

          Will Aishah Eden tell us how much each and every of the 6 expatriates actually receives every months as salary, allowances and other perks from SEB?


4.       SEB claims that the SEB employees are sick of being target of political attack and will fight back.

          I wish to remind SEB that we DAP are actually fighting for fairer treatment to the local SEB employees against the “White supremacy” mentality.  Why should expatriates receive 10 times the salary which the local employees receive when the local can perform the same job as well as or even better than the expatriates?

In fact, the message in our signature campaign calls for the sacking of the sky-high salaried expatriates and the engagement of more local talents.

Therefore it is a futile effort of SEB to try to instigate SEB’s employees against DAP for they all have the wisdom to see the thrusts of our signature campaign.

5.       Though we may have the cheapest electricity tariff in Malaysia NOW, but we have been paying the most expensive electricity tariffs in Malaysia for almost 2 decades. 

Given that we have Bakun Dams supplying hydro-electricity to SESCO at a mere RM0.065 per KWh, it is most unfair for Sesco to sell electricity to Sarawakian at an average price of RM0.30 per KWh.

In fact, if one were to compare our electricity tariffs in relation to the GDP per capita earnings with the rest of the world, our electricity tariffs are even more expensive than that of Singapore.

Now that I have pointed out all the mis-information or non-information contained in SEB’s booklet, I challenge SEB to point out which part of the Signature Campaign pamphlet published by DAP contains false information.


Chong Chieng Jen

Member of Parliament for Bandar Kuching

ADUN for Kota Sentosa

Chairman of DAP Sarawak