(1).  Deficit of Rm40 bil (400亿令吉)is d 17th continuous year of budget deficit. Already by d end of this year, our government debt is estimated to reach 54% of our GDP (国民生产总值)。55% of GDP is d legally allowed limit for government debt. With another RM40 bil deficit which will hav to b financed by debt, this will surely push our government debt beyond d 55% limit by end of 2014. This figure does not include debt owed by government linked companies whose debts are guaranteed by d government. The only conclusion one can draw from such continuous 17th year deficit n huge government debt is a clear sign of financial mismanagement, wastage n rampant corruption.

(2). Only 17.6% (RM46.5b out of a total RM264.1b) of d expenditure goes to development expenditure. This is grossly insufficient. A fair proportion is about 40% - 50% of d expenditure goes to development expenditure. This ratio is even worse than 2013 budget where RM49.7b out of RM251.6b (19.7%) was allocated for development expenditure. This only implies more n more for administration expenses n wastage continues to worsen.

(3). Prime Minister's department is allocated a whopping RM16.45b. This is inconceivably high (无法理解的高). It is 4th highest ministry after Ministry of Education (RM54.60b), Ministry of Finance (RM39.20b), Ministry of Health (RM22.16b). The allocation for PM's department is even higher than Ministry of Defence (RM16.10b) which has hundred of thousands soldiers and Home Ministry (RM12.60b) which has about 120,000 police officers. This is most illogical n subject to high abuse. Under a healthy system of cabinet, there is no reason why PM department need such huge allocation.

(4). Furthermore, as PM is also d Finance Minister, d total allocation at his disposal is RM55.65b.  Too high a concentration of allocation (which comes with power) in one person. He alone controls more than 20% of d expenditure expenses, d remaining less than 80% ti b distributed among d other 20 over ministers.

(5). There is a specific RM44 mil allocated for "peningkatan Tara's hidup orang asli" under d Kementerian Kemajuan Luar Bandar dan Wilayah for d orang asli in West Malaysia, but nothing for d Dayak in Sarawak. Utter neglect on d backwardness in standard of living among d rural Dayak in Sarawak.

(6). GST is d gift of BN to d people for returning BN as d government after d 13th General Elections. The people going to b worst hit  will b the middle n lower income group. Despite d exclusions, d implementation of gst will still cause overall inflation in prices of daily goods. The BRIM that we received earlier will b paid back to d government within 1 year of d implementation of gst. In short, the true colour of Najib n BN is slowly revealing itself after d elections.  The reason why it is only to b implemented in 2015 is because the system is not ready yet, not because being considerate to the people. This is also a clear proof of mismanagement of our country's finance. At the end the middle n lower income earner r forced to pay for d wastage n corruption of d BN government.

(7). Sarawak is getting a raw deal again. Out of a total RM3.541b development expenditure for Kementerian Kerja Raya for roads n bridges, Sarawak is only getting RM217 mil. That is only a meager 6.12% of d total allocation. Sarawak is approximately 1/3 in land size of Sarawak n 10% of population of Malaysia. The 6.12% is most unfair n highly discriminatory against Sarawakian. That is surely an odd way of rewarding Sarawak for being BN's fixed deposit state.