Wednesday, January 6, 2010

BN, a extremist Coalition

I totally agree with the High Court decision in allowing The Harold to use the word "Allah" in its publication. The decision is in line with the spirit of our Federal Constitution and my concurrence with the decision should come as no surprise to all.

However, what surprise many is that PAS, portrayed as an extremist political party by mainstream BN controlled media, officially supported the decision while the "so-called moderate" BN government challenged the decision and appeal to the appellate court to reverse the High Court decision.

Though there are some BN leaders making statements in support of the decision, the fact remains that, "the BN Government appealed against the decision". This means, the BN coalition government is not in agreement with the decision.

When PAS can have such a liberal mind to accept the decision, it disgust me that the BN, who always propagate itself as a moderate and liberal coalition vis-a-vis PAS, cannot accept the decision.

Therefore, the ultimate question that we should ask: Who is more extermist?

The next question that one will then ask is, what is the position of Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP). The SUPP used to attack DAP for associating with PAS. Now that we can see the more liberal side of PAS, is SUPP keeping mum over the extremist view of BN, its own mother body?