Wong Soon Koh should stop telling lies and giving unbelievable excuses for SUPP's loss in Sibu

Media Statement by Chong Chieng Jen, DAP Sarawak Secretary and MP for Bandar Kuching in Sibu on Wednesday, 26 May 2010:

Wong Soon Koh should stop telling lies and giving unbelievable excuses for SUPP's loss in Sibu and face up to the fact that BN has failed the people after 47 years

It has become blatantly obvious that SUPP is still clueless why BN lost the Sibu by-election, for they have clearly lost touch with the needs and interest of the voters.

In his winding up speech in the Sarawak State Assembly, the 2nd Finance Minister made a litany of baseless and unbelievable accusations against the DAP and made no attempt to understand the fact that the people of Sibu has had enough of the decades of abuse, cronyism and corruption by the Barisan Nasional state government.

Wong Soon Koh made the laughable claim that the DAP is now extremely rich for we can fly over hundreds of campaigners to Sibu to assist in the Sibu by-election. We would like to inform him that nearly all DAP campaigners, be they Members of Parliament, state assemblymen or ordinary members, took care of their own expenses without burdening the party. In addition, in order to save expenses, most of them stayed either with party members in Sibu or in low-budget hotels.

Unlike Barisan Nasional leaders, we do not fly first class, nor stay at 5-star hotels which are paid for by the federal or state government, under the pretext of carrying out their government duties, despite obviously campaigning for the SUPP candidate.

Despite having nearly full control over the 3Ms, money, media and machinery, Wong Soon Koh has the cheek to accuse DAP of employing “dirty tactics” to win the Sibu by-election. Despite his claims he has provided absolutely no evidence of foul play to date. On the other hand, it is BN which has handed out cash liberally to voters in order to entice votes.

The DAP has consistently based our campaign on the fact that the State BN leaders have overstayed their welcome, that cronyism, corruption and nepotism are rampant in BN and that SUPP has failed to defend the key tenet of Sarawak's 18-point agreement to join Malaysia, the guarantee of freedom of religion. Are these dirty tactics or are these the ugly truth that BN leader refuse to admit?

Finally, Wong Soon Koh also accused DAP of intimidation tactics to scare voters from voting resulting in the very low turnout of 59.8%. Wong Soon Koh must be joking for DAP has neither the ability or the power to intimidate, but are instead victims of intimidation and injustice as BN has full control over the Election Commission and the police force. What is worse is that Wong Soon Koh is basing his claim on a wrong piece of information provided by the EC that the turnout is only 59.8% when in actual fact, the EC has already corrected this figure to 70% voter turnout, which is higher than the last general elections in 2008.

Wong Soon Koh should admit that the BN's defeat in Sibu is cuased by the ineffectiveness of SUPP in BN, the oppressive policies of BN and the rampant corruption, nepotism and cronyism of BN. The denial syndrome that BN has failed the people of Sibu and Sarawak will only result in a bigger loss for BN come the next state elections in Sarawak.

Chong Chieng Jen