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Hari Gawai and SUKMA

The following is the reply I got from asking the question about whether the government will ensure that in future the SUKMA will not fall on Hari Gawai so that the atheletes will be able to spend their Gawai with their families.

All sorts of excuses are given. In other words, the Barisan Nasional Government will continue to schedule the SUKMA to fall on the Hari Gawai, paying no heed to the importance of Hari Gawai and the need for the atheletes to spend the Gawai with their family.

More importantly, this is a show of disrespect on the part of the Barisan Nasional to the celebration of the Dayaks.

Is it because they are the minority or just because Dayaks can only be found in Sarawak? Maybe it is becasue the Dayaks have not the movement of our fellow Indian countrymen like the Hindraf.

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Hari Gawai Visit

Selamat Ari Gawai to all my Dayak friends.

Yesterday, I had my first experience to visit a rather remote longhouse in the 2nd Division.

We, a group of 13 DAP members, had to travel through the logging roads and literally driving across a stream with our Hilux. Some of the members were standing at the back of the Hilux and seems to be enjoying the "cross-country" track.

However, it may be quite an experience to travel on such cross-country track, but the thought of having to travel on such road everyday is horrifying. It is not a long journey, about 10km. I would think that to tar the whole stretch of the road would not be very expensive.

It just cross my mind that while the BN government is shouting so much about the new DUN building being the state of the art design (though it costs an astronomical RM300 million), we have our own fellow brothers and sisters in these rural area who do not even have a proper road.

So much for the so-called "Politics of Development". Thes…