Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Election Petition -- Finally it is over

Finally, the Election Petition of Bandar Kuching is over. To me the whole episode is a JOKE, orchestrated by Sarawak United People's Party (SUPP). It is a waste of my time, the Court's time and mostly importantly the Rakyat's time.

The Petitioner was introduced to Henry Ling, his lawyer, by the brother of Teng Lung Chi (SUPP's treasurer). The Petitioner do not have a bank account for several years, but on the day he filed his Election Petition against me, he deposited a sum of RM7,000 into his bank account. This RM7,000.00 is in addition to the RM10,000.00 cash that he has to deposit into Court upon filing of the Eleciton Petition.

In short, on 17-4-2008, he suddenly has in his possession RM17,000.00 cash at his disposal. Where did the cash come from?

The second witness for the Petitioner said in Court that he was approached by Seh Hua Tong (now SUPP youth chief) who asked him to be a witness in Court.

The third witness has been a die-hard SUPP member for decades, one that will do anything and even die for SUPP. She told the Court that DAP is the government of Kuching and that Pak Lah is the Prime Minister for West Malaysia!

The fourth witness was a Simpang Rengam detainee because of his involvement in fake passport syndicate.

Half way through the trial of the Election Petition (which went on for 28 days), someone by the name of Dublin lodged a police report against me complaining that the Mr. Smith's article which appered on my blog and which was also a subject of complaint in the Election Petition, is seditious. The complainant came forth to give evidence for the Petitioner. When cross-examined, the complainant first said that he is not a member of SUPP. Then we produced a search from the Registry of Society which showed that he is a committee member of SUPP Batu Lintang Branch for the year 2006 - 2008. Upon confronted with the search, the complainant was dumb-founded and could not bluff his way out.

As events and witnesses unfolded, it is clear beyond doubt that SUPP is wholly behind the Election Petition. Anyway, should the Petitioner succeeded in the Petition, SUPP is the biggest beneficiary of the action. SUPP will have a second bite on Bandar Kuching Parliamentary constituency and Kota Sentosa State constituency.

It is disgusting to see that a political party like SUPP has to hide behind Kho Whai Phiaw (the Peitioner) in their attempt to unseat me and thereby challenge the mandate of voters in Kuching. By doing so, SUPP has shown no respect to the voters in Kuching.

I see the Petition as a form of harassment. For one whole year, I was harassed by the Petition. To claim that it did not affect my state of mind would be not telling the truth. Though I am not really involved in the research on the law and submissions, being the party to the Petition, it is stressful, especially during the trial days and the few days before the delivery of judgment.

However, this Election Petition exposed SUPP's true colour. In their attempt to get rid of me politically, they will resort to all means, by hook or by crook, little did they realise that such underhand and undemocratic tactic adopted by them will furher drive the Rakyat away from them.

In politics, the golden rule is: "The political party which does not know how to respect the wishes of the People will ultimately be rejected by the People in toto."

Last but not least, I would like to extend my heartiest gratitude to the team of lawyers helping in my case, our Party members and all the supporters for the encouragement and concern.

Just yesterday and today alone, I have received hundreds of SMSs and calls. My apology for not being able to answer all the missed calls.

Thank you

Sunday, March 1, 2009




行动党的立场是反对以英语教数理来提升学生们的英语程度。因为,以英语教数理,学生们只能学到数学和科学的术语和深字,却无法学到英语句子的运用。 因此,英语教数理是不能提升学生们掌握英语运用的程度的。

以我本身儿子在华小就读二年级的课程为例,华小二年级的学生,每星期只上1小时的英语课,而四年级的学生每星期只上2小时的英语课。 这是不足以加强学生们的英语掌握能力。

如果政府真的有意要提升我国学生的英语程度,英语教数理不是办法,而最好的方法就是以英语教英语,并把英语故事书,如Enid Brighton系列的故事书,列为小学课程之一,强制所有学生必须阅读英语故事书。

另一个可行的提高国人英语程度的方式,就是把那些以前是英语源流的学校,如教会学校等,改回英语源流学校。 这也能让家长们有个选择,是否要把他们的子女送入华小,英小或国小。 长远来说,这制度也将为我国生产可掌握不同语言的人才。