Vote Buying in UMNO

Another allegation of vote-buying in UMNO general assmebly. This time, it is by Umno vice-president Muhyiddin Yassin.

It is nothing new that rampant vote-buying is alleged to be rampant in UMNO assembly. This is also not the first time such allegation was made publicly.

The question that the general public wants to know is: What happens next? Are there going to be stern, unbiased and effective action taken?

There were allegations of vote-buying in the previous UMNO General Assembly. However, after all the hue and cry over the matter, no action was taken agains the personalities involved in such allegations.

It seems that in UMNO, so long as you stay in power or befriend the ones in power, you will not be investigated by the law enforcement units even if you break the law. That is why, year after year, vote-buying in UMNO General Assembly continue to happen and it seems to be getting from bad to worse. The perpetrators know full well that the important thing is to stay in power. If you are in power, all wrong-doings can be swept under carpet. If you try to be clean but cannot stay in power, you will be sidelined, despite your integrity.

What happens in UMNO General Assembly may be the internal matter of UMNO, but being the backbone of the ruling party in Malaysia, the culture of UMNO will surely infiltrate into both the public and private sectors of the nation.

At the end of the day, it boils down to whether Pak Lah has the political will to clean up the country and to start from UMNO. If he doesn't, the people will just have to change a Prime Minister and the ruling party.