RM70,000 Additional Deposit from UMNO

Right form the start of the hearing of the Bandar Kuching Election Petition, we have suspected that there is someone behind the scene.

1. From the Petitioner's own mouth, a rich man was behind it, he received money for starting the Petition.

2. Then, SUPP Deputy Youth Chief's name, Sih Hua Tong was mentioned by the Petitioner's witness. He was actively involved in arraging for the witness to attend Court

3. Then, David Then, SUPP's treasurer's name was mentioned again. His brother was the one introducing and arranging for the Petitioner to meet the lawyer, Henry Ling.

4. The Petitioner's lawyer travelling in Ting Pek Khiing's campany cars to and fro Court.

Finally, UMNO is coming forth to pay the additional deposit for the Petitioner voluntarily.

We were trying to pull the cat out of the beg, we got a big cat, a lion.

It seems that the whole of the Barisan Nasional is out to unseat me. In DUN, I spoke strongly against the Chief Minister and his family's company getting the lion share of the government's projects. In Parliament, I spoke strongly against the continuation of New Economic Policy in the current manner, many poor Malays remain poorer, a handful UMNO puteras getting tons of money and become super rich.

Maybe that is why the whole of BN wants to go against me.

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