Election Petition against Me

The hearing of the Election Petition taken up by Kho Whai Phiaw against me will commence today.

We will be applying to strike out the Petition again. This time, on the ground of ambiguity and multiplicity of the charges and also that the charges does not consitute any offence.

The grounds of our application are, inter alia, as follows:

1. there are too many charges lumped together in one charge. eg. for the first charge, there are altogether possible 176 charges. This is against the fundamental principle of charge drafting.

2. the allegations contained in our election pamphlets are all based on true facts and are criticism against the BN policies. These are legitimate allegations in election time. In fact, most of the allegations are widely reported in the newspaper all this while. Many of them are contained in the Auditor-General's report and the Hansard Report.

I am of the view that this Petition is politically motivated. The Sarawak BN simply want to put me away from the political arena. I suspect, with good grounds, SUPP is behind all this. It is cowardly of them to hide behind the scene. Despite having won 30 out of 31 seats in the last General Election, the Sarawak BN still proceed with this underhand tactic to try to kill off the only Saraak Opposition voice in Parliament.

The important thing is, I know, and the People also know, that the ulterior motive of this Petition is to put me away from the political arena and that SUPP is behind this.

It is time to go to Court now.
(Please do not post any comment in respect of the Election Petition)