Are the Ministers Coming to Give Evidence in Court

I have made a court search on the Bandar Kuching election Petition case and found out that the Petitioner, Kho Whai Phiaw, has filed and obtained Subpoena summoning 4 ministers to give evidence in this Court, namely Wong Soon Koh, George Chan, Hishammuddin and Abdul Taib Mahmud.

In normal conduct of Court cases, I would assume that these are the rightful witness to be called as the Petitioner is complaining, inter alia, about DAP's attack on Barisan Nasional's policy.
They would be in the best position to come out and defend their policy, and be subject to the incisive cross-examination by my panel of counsel.

I don't know whether the Petitioner's lawyer have served these ministers the Subpeonas, but so far, I have not seen any of them turning up in Court.

As for myself, I really look forward to have them in the witness box and see my counsel cross-examine them on all the matters raised in our DAP election pamphlets about BN's policies and practices.

It is a big question mark whether they will come to be cross-examined in Court.

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