Shahrir's Motion on Inflation

Domestic Trade Minister, Shahrir Samad is now tabling the Government’s motion on inflation at 11:40 am Monday 23/6/2008.

He is trying to justify the Government’s decision to increase the petrol price by 40% and diesel price by 60% on 4-6-2008.

If the Government wants to discuss this matter in Parliament, why did the Government announce the increment before it was discussed in Parliament? Therefore, this motion moved by Shahrir is just a farce. There is no sincerity in the Government to truly solve the predicament of the Rakyat.

The main reason given by Shahrir is that the subsidy on petrol and diesel is not conducive to produce a competitive breed of Malaysian and therefore detrimental to our nation’s growth.

If the government is so concerned about competitiveness, why:
1. protectionism policy in our automobile policy to allow Proton to rig huge profits for years at the expense of the Rakyat?
2. New Economic Policy whereby there must be quotas to the Bumiputras?

He has just finished. 11:56am.