Dayak, Malay and Chinese --- Chief Minister of Sarawak

The Sarawak Barisan Nasional (BN) Members of Parliament (MPs) and State Assemblymen (ADUNs) should take the cue from the two SAPP MPs.

This is the time for the BN MPs and ADUNs to quit from BN and make our Sarawak’s voices heard loud and clear.

As the largest opposition party in Sarawak, we, Sarawak DAP, put forth our open invitation to all BN MPs and ADUNs to join us in our struggle for the betterment of Sarawakians. They can either join our party personally as DAP members or join us on a party-party basis as equal partners to form a new alliance front.

As a united front, we shall pursue the following 3 main agendas:

1. To implement a Chief Minister rotation system whereby a Dayak, a Malay and a Chinese will take turn to be the Sarawak Chief Minister. The tenure of each Chief Minister will be for a full term after a State Election. One full term will be quite sufficient for a Chief Minister to implement his policy and some of his visions. Dayak will be the first to be the Chief Minister because they have the largest population and of the 3 main ethnic groups, Dayak is the most marginalized and impoverished ethnic group under the tyranny of Sarawak BN.

2. To demand for 20% oil royalty for Sarawak. Despite our State’s riches in natural resources, we are one of the least developed State. Sarawak has been marginalized by the BN government all these years. Therefore, we need more fund to develop.

3. To implement total reform of our Land policy:
(a) to convert all leaseholds to 999 leaseholds;
(b) to limit the validity of Section 47 Notification to 3 years; and
(c) to survey and issue land titles to all Native Customary Right (NCR) land. Under BN policy, NCR land are alienated to crony companies for large-scale plantation. The individual landowners do not get the benefits of their land. Rural Dayak NCR owners remain poor while those cronies rip the wealth of the State.

Let us put aside our political differences and party politics and form a new united front to implement the above agenda. This is what all Sarawakians want. We call it the People’s Agenda. BN government has had their chances for the past few decades but they have failed the People of Sarawak.

The time is ripe now for all right-minded and conscientious politicians to pursue this People Agenda, through this new united front together with us DAP.