4th June, 2008

SUPP celebrated its party celebration “党庆”on 4-6-2008. "4th June" is surely a day not to be forgotten for SUPP. The day the party was formed.

Ironically, while SUPP celebrates, Malaysians weep.

For all Malaysian, 4th June 2008 is a nightmare. The government increase our domestic petrol price by 78 sen (40%) and diesel price by RM1 (63%). What a day. I think many Malaysian will remember this day for a long time. For us Sarawakians, our memory will stay for at least another 3 years. That is when the next State Election is due.

Malaysia is a net oil exporter. Increase in international oil price is a "bonus" to Malaysia, yet the government is making the people suffer when Petronas is making record profits for the last few years.

The true reason for the BN government to increase the petrol and diesel prices is because of too much wastage and leakages in the system due to corruption and cronyism. Hundreds of billions of Ringgit is lost through these corrupt practices. If we do not stop it now, we will be worse in future.

We will keep up the pressure on the BN government. We want the prices to be revised downward. Otherwise, the government must:
1. abolish all tariffs on motor vehicles so that people can buy cheap car;
2. to pay out cash of RM3,000.00 per year to each individual with monthly income less than RM3,000.00 OR cash payment of RM6,000.00 per year to each household with monthly income less than RM6,000.00.
3. (long-term solution) improve a good public transport system which is cheap, regular, comfortable and wide coverage area.