The remark made by the Kelantan Crown Prince Tengku Faris Petra that "non-Malays should not seek equality or special treatment" is totally uncalled for. Is the Royal family of the Kelantan State trying to pick up from where UMNO has left off with the defeat of the 12th General Election.

I have, with no uncertain terms, branded UMNO as a racist party in Parliament. UMNO is a party which purports to be championing the Malay's rights while in fact they are only enriching their cronies.

The UMNO Youths has been making racist remarks since Independence. All along, such racist remarks found support amongst the Malays. However, the 12th General Election showed that the Malays have now seen through the tricks and lies of the UMNO.

While the majority of Malaysians have lived past the UMNO's racism, is the Crown Prince of the Kelantan now trying to walk the old path of UMNO by making such racist remarks.

Kelantan Crown Prince should have more sense than to make such racist statement. All Malaysian are born equal and we are all equal in the eye of law. Having made such a statement, it is only appropriate that the Crown Prince should withdraw the statement and apologise to all Malaysians.