George Chan's House Robbed

The robbery happened in George Chan's house may turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Sarawakians.

After the robbery, Taib openly said that he will discuss the security issue in his cabinet. Does that mean that the Sarawak cabinet has never discussed security issue in Sarawak before, despite the numerous house break-ins and robberies that have happened since last year?

If that is so, what happened to the signature campaign agaisnt crime organised by the SUPP Youth Wing?

Whatever that may happen to the Signature Petition, it is good to know that at last, the Sarawak government is seriously looking into the security problem.

Such statement also shows that whatever that may happen to the common people, the Sarawak government simply won't care less. It is only when the Ministers or the VVIPs are affected that the government then starts to take action.