Defamation Suit by Dominique Ng

Dominique Ng threatens to sue me for RM2 million for saying that he is the stumbling block of the co-operation between PKR and DAP.

Not only do I hold such view, most of the Sarawak DAP leaders also share the same view. This is especially so given his action during the 12th General Election.

Dominique openly called on his supporters in Kuching not to vote for the DAP. In the case of a 3-corner fight between BN, DAP and PKR, this would be understable. However, in Bandar Kuching, it is a straight fight between the DAP and BN. In publicly calling on his supporters not to vote for the DAP in Bandar Kuching, what is he implying? Whose side is Dominique Ng on?

Secondly, in Sarikei constituency, where the DAP is taking on the BN and 3 other independent candidates, Dominique spoke in the ceramah of one of the independent candidates and the gist of his attack is against the DAP instead of BN.

If such a person is not a stumbling block to co-operation between PKR and DAP in Sarawak, then who else?

For the sake of a co-operation between PKR and DAP in Sarawak, Dominique ought to step down. In my opinion, See Chee How is a more suitable person than Dominique Ng to lead PKR Sarawak if there is no other Bumiputera leader capable of leading PKR Sarawak.

To clear the air, I have not threatened to sue Dominique Ng for the defamatory statements made against me during the Election campaign period, though until this day I still can't understand why his speeches during the election time mainly attacked the DAP instead of BN.