Sulaiman Taib Appointed Deputy Minister

How can Sulaiman Taib be appointed a Deputy Minister while many several-term MPs still remain back-benchers only, the like of Wan Junaidi (Santubong), Richard Riot (Serian), James (Mambong), and even Tiong Tai King (Lanang)?

Does the fact that Sulaiman is the son of Taib, the Chief Minister of Sarawak, play an instrumental factor in his appointment? Sulaiman is a green horn in politics and still wet behind the ears. Has no involvement in the administration of government, other than the fact that he is the son of the CM of Sarawak. Out of the blue, he was made a candidate and after the election, he was made a deputy minister.

Taib Mahmud owes an explanation to the people of Sarawak on this appointment. Is this a manifestation of nepotism?

It is thus no wonder that rumours of defection is now everywhere. With such manner of selection for the Administration posts, how can Taib convince the MPs of BN that the appointment is based on meritocracy.

Before the polling day, I have in DAP's ceramah predicted that Sulaiman will be appointed as a member of the Administration. My prediction came true. A day after the announcement of the cabinet list, the press sought for my comment.

I said the same thing to the press as stated above but as expected, what I said about Sulaiman and Taib was not reported in the press.

I believe the appointment is only the beginning of the continuation of the Taib Empire, passing from father to son. The Rakyat of Sarawak must stop the development through the Sarawak State election which is expected to be held in two or three years' time.