Alleged Vote Buying by SUPP

I receives calls from an anonymous person telling me that the police is asking the caller's friends to go to the police station for investigation on what did his friend speak to me during the election campaign period. the caller asked me what to do.

For police statements, just tell the truth.

During election campaign period, I received hundreds of phone calls. Few of those calls told me that there was vote buying carried out by the SUPP, but the callers did not identify themselves.

When I lodged police report against vote buying by SUPP, I told the police I did not know who these callers are.

I am indeed surprised that the police are now contacting these callers for interrogation.

Isn't the police supposed to go to interrogate SUPP members and campaign helpers to investigate whether they did carry out vote buying? Aren't such investigation work supposed to be carried out before the polling day to stop corrupt practice on voting?

This is typical of the Malaysian Police, going for the whistle blower rather than the offender. If the police continues with such modus operanda, how can the Rakyat have confidence in the police.

My further question to the Police is . . . . have the police interrogated any SUPP campaign workers on vote buying? Is it because SUPP is the government of the day, that's why they are above the law?