Pay Thiefs for Not Breaking into Your Houses

Upon receiving a complaint from a tenant at the Tabuan Park Commercial Centre, Kuching, I visited the place today. It is shocking to hear the stories told by the residents from that area.

They had their water metres stolen twice a month. Some of the tenant used barb wire to wrap around their metres so that it would be too troublesome for the thief to repeat the crime. Some used the fear for divine forces by buring joss sticks candles around the metres. How effective are these tactics is still unknown.

One of the residents told me that few days ago, a thief was caught one of the shopkeepers and handed over to the police. The police released the thief in no time. The next day, the thief brought a group of gangster to the shopkeeper's shop, threatening to beat the shop-keeper. At the end, the shopkeeper had to pay the thief money and treat the group to some drinks.

If you don't pay protection money to the gangster in the area, your shop will be broken into in no time.

What has become of our country? What is Pak Lah doing as the Minister for the Internal Security?

I had brought the matter up in Parliament. Violet had held a dialogue with the KPD of Kuching over this matter. What else can we do? Maybe there is just no political will on the part of the government to solve this crime problem. Maybe BN has won too many seats in the last General Election to be sensitive to the wishes of the people.

Teach BN a lesson in the coming election. Make them respect the people's wishes, one of which is for a safe environment to live in.