The Coming DUN sitting Promise to be Another Interesting One

The next Dewan Undangan Negeri sitting will commence from 19-11-2007 till 28-11-2007.

With such horrible issues brought up by the Auditor-General's Report, it is interesting to see how the State Cabinet members can attempt to exonerate their mismangement of State coffer. Issues like the Trienekens, Titanium Management Sdn Bhd and X-Fab will be the main issues which will be brought up by me. Maybe Tupong, with his RM400,000.00 episode will also face the grill from some of the DAP ADUNs.

I am sure the Ministers will try to paint a wonderful picture of all the misdeeds of the Administration. But with 6 of us in DUN, it will not be so plain-sailing.

Face the fact. A misdeed is a misdeed. A mistake is a mistake. It is only through admitting one's fault that one can improve and avoid committing the same mistake in future.

Therefore, to the "Yang Berhormat Ministers", be brave enough to admit that you have done wrong to Sarawakians.